Why Read It First?

     Members of Congress voting for any bill without reading it is a complete dereliction of duty and incompetence on the job. Worse yet, voting for a bill which includes taxes of any sort, without reading it, is not representing the people and is, in reality, taxation without representation. Is that not one of the major reasons we had our very own revolution???? Would any of us sign an expensive contract without reading it? Of course not! But our lawmakers are glad to do it because, after all, special interests and Party must be rewarded and besides, it’s not their personal money anyway.
     King George III of Great Britain and his leaders held the view that the wishes of colonists in America were unimportant and their only lawful purpose and duty was to obey the rules of the mother country, shut up and pay their unrepresented taxes. I suggest to you that this very same attitude is driving the present Congress and administration. Didn’t our ancestors fight and die to insure this would not happen again? Will it take a Revolution II or another Civil War to set our leaders straight? I don’t know. I certainly hope not. However, in my opinion, they are sowing the seeds for one. And if these seeds should take root, whose fault is it? We the people, absolutely! We will have allowed our apathy, ignorance and blind partisanship to permit our leaders the ability to treat us like the colonists of yesteryear.