Blind Partisanship and Ignorance: Anti-Americanism at its Best

      President Obama and the Democratic party have adopted the noble idea that healthcare should be affordable and available to all Americans. It is a goal shared by most, Republicans and Democrats alike, but they have morphed it into an orchestrated and obvious attempt to increase government control over every aspect of the lives of all Americans. They took something good and bastardized it, for their own purposes. And, because it really is a noble concept and most people feel reform of some kind is necessary, the Democrats have tailored the legislation to be acceptable to many, on the surface, but underneath, it restricts rights, punishes doctors, removes incentives to join the medical profession, costs too much money which is not spent wisely, overloads the system, unnecessarily burdens small business and, if single payer evolves, allows unfair competition between the Government and private insurance companies. All this while 16 million plus are unemployed and the Federal debt and deficit are through the roof! Common sense? Never heard of it. Don’t want any. Wouldn’t know how to use it, anyway.

      Even with all the negative facts available regarding similar programs and their problems in other countries, such as Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Cuba and even right here in Massachusetts, our lawmakers’ common sense and foresight seems to obstructed by their blind and fanatical Party loyalty, and as usual, at our expense. As a point of fact, Sweden, which had embraced socialized medicine for many years, has transitioned to a private healthcare system, at great cost savings.   It boggles the mind and belies common sense when Democrats, so vehemently and with a straight face, promote the benefits of a like plan for us, as though we can do it right when the others can’t. Democrats do not accept history as a learning experience, unless they can modify it for their own benefit.
      Democrats say their plan is different than the others, but the point is, our Government can not now, nor has it ever been able to run or oversee a national program efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, at a reasonable cost, much less, a cost savings. I cannot decide if the Democrats: (1) are ignorant and simply don’t understand what they are doing, just determined to get something passed to pacify special interests and Party, or (2) are promoting more control and only their Party agenda at our expense, believing we are too ignorant to understand and we need to be handled, or (3) are genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of America? What do you think the chances are the correct answer is #3? Not! I believe it is a combination of 1 & 2.
     I read somewhere: “No one party, inherently, has all the correct answers.” Common sense will tell anyone that this is a true statement. Therefore, the Democrats will not believe it. However, bearing this statement in mind, why the hell, if they really cared about the whole country, would Democrats choose to go it alone, promoting only their versions of legislation, while shunning Republican involvement and input, thereby effectively silencing the voices, questions, concerns and rights of millions of people the Republicans represent?  Is this an effort to benefit the people of the United States, or, more likely,  an attempt to benefit the Democratic Party? A one Party government isn’t much better than a one man government. The people lose either way. If they can rush through their legislation, before people can read and understand it, then it’s all over. Come next election, they can claim they saved us. That’s exactly what has already happened (stimulus) and is happening now (healthcare, cap & tax).
     It’s obvious, at least to me, that the object of this game is to eliminate the phrase “of the people, by the people and for the people” from the consciousness of America. What would Abe Lincoln think about that? This phrase holds absolutely no meaning and serves no good purpose for those who revere loyalty to Party above loyalty to country, therefore, it needs to go.
     The ignorance in this country and the apathy it breeds concerning the truth about what our leaders are trying to accomplish allows many people to loyally trust that these leaders will diligently and honestly strive to do nothing which is not in the best interests of the people, when, in fact, they are given free rein to operate, unfettered, to advance a one-sided Party agenda, shrouded by, and comfortable in, that cloak of ignorance.