Why I Love My Government (Not)

Below are some of the most powerful people in, or associated with, our government and, perhaps, in the world. These are people whose obsessive desire for control and their distorted vision for America fanatically drives them toward their selfish goals, in spite of the people of the United States. They, and many others, all share several common traits. Among them are: Each of them is fiscally irresponsible and incompetent, possessing negligible knowledge of how business works, how money is made, saved or responsibly spent, how jobs are created and how the economy grows, yet, they hold the purse strings and are well practiced at getting our money; Each of them is a practicing anti-American (not unamerican), constantly and consistently showing their disdain for the American people and the democracy we share by continually and ignorantly employing the aforementioned irresponsibility and incompetence to reach those selfish goals, at the expense of the people of this country who trusted them; Each is adept at transforming untruths and misconceptions into their version of fact to promote “change we can believe in” while, at the same time, hiding their fiscal ignorance in a 2,000+ page bill that the people can’t understand, until it’s too late; And finally, when it’s all said and done, each of them will own an equal share in the destruction of our country, although, and you can take this to the bank, they will deny it. How much do you want to bet they will blame it on Bush.