An Observation of America

An Observation of America
                               by Terry LaPora
I had learned that common sense was needed to survive,
To help determine right and wrong, for me and mine to thrive,
To make decisions good for all and not just best for me,
Allowing us to live as one, forever to be free.
But, common sense has proven rare and seldom is it seen
In the hallowed halls of Congress and the rantings of the Green.
White is white and black is black, no gray is there to share.
I am right and you are not, no compromise to spare.
With this in mind and much to do, our leaders start to fuss
About our country’s destiny and what it means to us.
About how we are not endowed with brains enough to think
Of ways and means to fix this land and keep us from the brink.
About how special interest groups deserve to reap the gold
While we the people pay and pay, it’s the Government of old.
There is no “change”, except to find a novel way to take
The dwindling sum of money that we work so hard to make.   
So, what to do to fix this mess, the question does arise.
Our leaders think they have it solved, and much to our surprise,
The money’s gone, the jobs are less and still they spend and spend. 
Is this the kind of leadership on which we must depend? 
Hold on a sec” the Boss has said, his minions gather ’round,
We have the ‘right’ to change this place, our power does abound.”
With but few words, the die is cast and dreams of what they see
Have instilled that sense of power in the leaders of the free.
With this power, what’s ‘right’ is ours to do with as we may.
If some should disagree with us, refuse to see our way,
Then, shout them down, for they must learn what we have come to find,
That common sense and history mean naught to we, the blind.”
All those plans from tiny minds who’ve hardly been in charge
Of anything that made a dime, a business small or large.
Yet, they know all there is to know about how money’s made.
They’ll save us all from total doom, but rob our kids in trade.
To think these few have all it takes to make this country right
While we the people living here surrender to their might
Is arrogance personified and ignorance displayed
And proof their goal is government over citizens betrayed.
I recall a time before, when government was small,
Decisions made upon the Hill were good for one and all.
Now, it seems, the suits in charge, through less than honest means
Will steal our rights and herd us home, take all that they can glean.
We will end with nothing left, our leaders have it all
To give to those who lent support to fuel our country’s fall.
What does remain is something that you cannot feel or see,
It’s that ever present memory, what it was to be the free.
To be fair to all, I must admit our leaders’ fault is one,
Their heads are firmly planted in that region without sun.
If they could only see the light and look us in the eye,
Might they discover honesty is better than a lie?
We people have a choice to make in what we say and do
To make our leaders understand we’re loyal, through and through
To truths that made us great and free, to standards we hold dear
But, not to debt our children bear through ignorance and fear.
America’s strength does not reside in Washington, DC,
But in each and every one of us, it lives in you and me.
Until the time we stand and shout, “Our leaders work for us”,
Our fate is clear, our station sure, it’s underneath the bus.
c. May, 2009