A suggestion for Sarah Palin, roll the bones girl!

How should Palin respond to the NRCC and NRSC snub?   It seems clear that she is anathema  to the establishment Republicans.  In the currently developing climate, I think there are far worse things than having one’s outsider cred bolstered.   So I’d ask Sarah to please not sit around like the snubbed girl at the dance, pining for them to ask you to waltz.  I hope you’ll (I may regret this turn of phrase) embrace your inner Dominatrix, and look for ways to punish them.   In that spirit I have a name for you, Marco Rubio.

You should, of course, vet him as well as possible to make sure there aren’t any ugly skeletons in his closet.  If, after that, you feel you can support him in good conscience and he is agreeable, then you might try a fund raiser or two for him.  You did draw 20,000 in Seward N.Y. something I doubt, Newt, Steele, or any other of the Republican establishment could do.  If that goes well, then when it is time, perhaps stumping for him.  Help us defeat the NRSC and their boy Crist.

Like I said earlier, it is clear that the Republican establishment wants nothing to do with you.  I don’t see how you have anything to gain from pandering to them or worrying about ’em.  Take the NRSC head on, look ’em in the eye and headbutt ’em.  If you’re really thinking about 2012, then I think this would be good experience and add to your “standing up to the Republican and Washington establishment” cred.  I’m sure others will disagree.