The video French officials don't want anyone to see

Further proof of the “superiority” of the European way.

The assault was recorded by bus CCTV. A policeman posted the video on a Facebook site: He has been arrested and suspended from his post. The authorities fear the video is being used by right-wing sites to stir up fear about racist violence by black and arab youths against French citizens.

The delegate for Sud-RATP, the hardline union for Paris transport workers, said that the violence was unexceptional for late-night services. What is exceptional, he added, was for the public to see the images. “Who broadcast this video on the internet?” he demanded, “the victims, the aggressors, the driver and the other passengers did not choose to be put in the public eye in this way. It’s unacceptable.”

Video at Eursoc (violent but not bloody)

There is more on how bad it is getting in France from the Times

The sense of violence running out of control is also being fed by reports of an explosion of corner-shop (convenience store) hold-ups in Paris and other cities by teenage robbers. Armed robbery by minors jumped 44 percent in 2008. The police say they are being overwhelmed by casual stick-ups in which groups of baby bandits with airguns or fake pistols or knives help themselves to the takings of small shops. A bébé braqueur describes the fun in Le Point news magazine, out today: “When you arrive, you scream straight away. Just the sight of your hood and they start trembling.”


I don’t want to draw too many parallels to the U.S. and our immigration issues, since we don’t herd immigrants, illegal or otherwise, into state sponsored ghettos like les banlieues. I do think it underscores the importance of vigorously asserting the rule of law, and defending the 2nd Amend and the right to self defense. I also wonder if more incidents like this are occurring here than we hear about.

I also fear that whistleblowers here will begin to suffer the same fate as the policeman arrested for posting the video on Facebook. It seems to be the sort of thing the left has no problem doing.