O'bama's Campaign Adviser Axelrod, Astroturfer?

Wondered how all those rumors about Palin sprang up so quickly all over the ‘Net? I don’t know, but Jim Treacher points to a story that appeared in the March ’08 Business Week entitled The Secret Side of David Axelrod

ASK’s predilection for operating in the shadows shows up in its work. On behalf of ComEd and Comcast, the firm helped set up front organizations that were listed as sponsors of public-issue ads. Industry insiders call such practices “Astroturfing,” a reference to manufacturing grassroots support. Alderman Brendan Reilly of the 42nd Ward, who has been battling the Children’s Museum’s relocation plans, describes ASK as “the gold standard in Astroturf organizing. This is an emerging industry, and ASK has made a name for itself in shaping public opinion and manufacturing public support.”

What really grabbed me about this was a post I saw several days ago at LGF, take thee hence and read it, Charles certainly seems to have hit on something fishy.

So, is Axelrod turfing for O’bama? I guess it’s time to bring up the old command prompt and start pinging.