The case for organized civil disobedience.

My recent posting, “Now is the time to make them fear us”  drew some well-deserved criticism for portraying civil disobedience as our best strategy in the battle for America,  and for implying that we would “scare” the Left with that technique.

I failed to fully present the case for civil disobedience.  No, the existence of a “civil disobedience” group would not scare our opponents; at least, not at first.  Its more immediate effect would be a building of esprit de corps among the troops on our side.  The existence of such a group could give a feeling of power to rally and protest attendees;  a feeling that their efforts were being magnified and made more effective.   I think there is a phenomenon like this in the area of gang psychology, that has probably been given a name.

We are in a war for the survival of our nation;  it is important to think of it as such, and to act and plan accordingly.  Here are some military truths:   1) The outcome of the battle is never known in advance.   2) Your battle plan only survives 5 minutes after initial contact with the enemy.  3) Despite the above two facts, you still must have a plan and be willing to expend resources in the implementation of that plan.

So, you naysayers, help me out with some resources.  Send people to the website, CensusRevolt.com.  Do this regardless of your own thoughts on the strategy.

Those of you who have read my two and only posts, know by now that I am an unsophisticated individual, with relatively little knowledge of politics, and with a crude and unsophisticated website.  I don’t care who knows it.  What I want is to do my part in this fight.  I don’t want to live out my last years in a Europeanized America, where beautiful old churches are ancient relics that people walk past, but never go inside.

God, I know you are watching;  we love you, and we need you now.  America is on her knees, and she cannot survive without you, Lord of my life.  I would be nothing without you.

I apologize for not responding individually to all the fine Patriots who commented on my first post.  I work a lot of hours, and don’t have much time.

I am a new blogger, and could use some assistance from a pro.

God Bless America

John Hilt