Now is the time to make them fear us.

It is absolutely necessary that an outraged citizenry rise up against the brazen coup attempt in our Capitol.  We cannot win this war by fighting in the courts and legislatures alone.   In order to assure victory, there must be a Populist arm to the resistance, as well.

If there is no Populist arm, then the Left can make the case that our movement consists of only a few politicians, a few talk show hosts, and the occasional Tea Party rally.   We will lose the media battle,  and we will lose the war.

On the other hand,  a relatively small group of hardy individuals, ready to do civil disobedience,  could win an early psychological victory for our side, and possibly effect the outcome of this war for the survival of our nation.

I am one of those individuals.  I am looking for recruits.  Interested parties should go to CensusRevolt.com.

Some will argue that we only need wait for the November elections, and we can fix this mess.  That is a passive strategy that gives the advantage to our opponents.   It allows them and their media allies to fight a rear-guard action for the next 7 months.   It gives them time to confuse the issue in the public mind, sufficiently enough to allow the survival of their March 21 bloodless coup.

No, my friends, we must strike now, we must strike hard, and we must make them fear us.  Americans are being presented with a unique opportunity to show the Marxists that, when threatened by renegades, the American people will not wait for the next election to take action.

This opportunity will not occur again in our lifetimes.

A concerned citizen,

John P. Hilt