Help Wanted Political.

Seeking Constitution-loving, citizen-politicians, Republican, Democrat or minor party, conservative or liberal, for legislative positions with the federal government, opening in January 2011.

Must love: the Constitution; the common law; the rule of law; limited government; equal opportunity; equal protection; due process; free markets; and advancing the commonweal through the enactment of just laws within the scope of the Congress’s Constitutionally enumerated powers.

Must understand that government exists to benefit the governed, not the governing.  Must understand that every dollar taken in taxes is a dollar that someone can’t use to start a business; hire an employee; or buy their spouse or child a Christmas present.  Must understand that government is not an end in itself.

Must be skeptical of: big government; big business (particularly when trying to lock in their profits without increasing productivity and innovation by using big government); anything deemed “too big to fail;” bailouts; lobbyists; foreign entanglements; wars of choice; restrictions on Constitutional rights in the name of national security or political correctness; and excessive government spending.

Having stood in front of a jury, a classroom, a patient, a Board after a bad quarter and/or a platoon a plus.  Frugality and a sense of humor a plus.

Apply with your local board of elections sometime in 2009, in accordance with local election laws.  Final decisions to be made by the American people in November 2010.

EEO.  Women, Americans of all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, recent Citizens (Welcome!  Glad you are here and appreciate the help!) and veterans are particularly encouraged to apply.