Can we please get some of that transformative stuff Mr. President?

It would be great if Campaigner Obama could call President Obama and set up some of that transformative governance we were promised.  Especially the foreign policy changes that he said would change the world and make the US safer and respected once again.  Now that North Korea has set off yet another test nuke, we could really use some of that enlightened, high-minded policy that was supposed to be coming to save the world.

The administration’s stated goals for North Korea and Iran are: “We have pledged to work with our partners to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea through the Six-Party process. And we will present a clear choice to Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations, including its right to peaceful nuclear energy, or continue to refuse to meet its international obligations and fail to seize the opportunity of a positive future.”

Isn’t the “Six-Party process” the Bush Administration’s policy?  Details, details.  Never mind.  So what we have now is North Korea firing off missiles and blowing up test nukes, and Iran’s nuke program is just glowing with the promise of proliferation and continued threats towards Israel.  The UN is just a cruel joke, no amount of moral Viagra could straighten that place out.  China and Russia show no signs of helping on pretty much anything.  And what have we seen from the administration so far?  Not much, they can’t even get the UN to sanction North Korea, just issue more finger wagging ‘naughty naughty naughty’ declarations.  The administration’s North Korean policy has been characterized as confused and incoherent, by the Washington Post no less.  And the situation with Iran is equally dismal if not worse.  We’re going to give diplomacy with Iran until the end of the year and re-evaluate from there.  Why wait that long, and what are we going to do after they thumb their noses at the world for another seven months?

There is an ever-growing list of contradictions building with this administration.  For the sake of our safety, we should focus first on the foreign policy disaster in the hopes that Obama can come up with an actual plan of action for these two rogue states.  The promises of enlightened foreign policy and the trashing of Bush policies became nauseating during the campaign.  The campaign is over, sir, can we get to the actual changes please?  All Obama has done is perfect the role of Blamer In Chief.  Ok, I’ll put up with that… if we can just get to the promised land of everlasting peace.  Obama has only had five months, but the early returns are not looking good so far.  (Note to the lefty loons – admitting that five months isn’t very long is an example of intellectual honesty.  Look it up.)

We are faced with an insanely dangerous world if we can’t get this turned around quickly.  North Korea has already tried to proliferate their nuclear technology to Syria and they’re so desparately poor, they’ll sell it to anyone with the money.  And Iran with nukes?  Only a blithering idiot thinks that can be acceptable.  Hamas and Hezbollah would get them soon thereafter.  Sound like fun?  The next year or two will be judged by history as the beginning of a new era of global peace or the resurrection of failed Chamberlainesque head-in-the-sand policies that lead to years of avoidable violence and deadly conflict.

If the Guantanimo situation tells us one thing, its that Obama is great with grandstanding actions, great at blaming Bush for anything and everything, and utterly inept at developing actual plans of action.  Time to prove us wrong Mr. President – getting this nuke situation moving in the right direction would be a marvelous start.  Time to get transformin’.