Why Conservatives Might Consider Voting For Hillary (Edited for clarity)

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Hillary Clinton’s policies are as big-government and socialist as any Democrat considering a run for the White House in 2016, but conservatives might want to consider voting for her.  She’s got a lot to answer for concerning American deaths in Benghazi and other scandals she refuses to talk about, but Hillary may be just the President conservatives need to save the Republican Party.

Before you confiscate my conservative credentials and click me off into oblivion, consider this:  the last couple of GOP presidents have been a bit of a disappointment.  Bush the elder said “read my lips” and did exactly what he said he wouldn’t.  Bush the junior threw taxpayer money at problems that should have been left to the marketplace to correct, a policy that fit Obama like a glove as he continued Bush’s corporate bailouts and steered those dollars more expertly to his political bosses, campaign donors and friends on Wall Street.  All the while, GOP members of Congress have been divided into three camps: Old guard career politicians who thrive on the power and perks of big-government and lack motivation to shrink it; conservative lions willing to sacrifice everything to return the federal government to Constitutional limits; and, middle-of-the-road milk toast pansies who say they love Reagan but sway with whatever political wind keeps them from being branded as racist, mean-spirited or extreme.  The GOP is divided, and as that tall fellow from Illinois said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”  The catalyst that could bring about unification of the Republican Party could well be President Hillary Clinton.

With Mitt Romney now out of the 2016 campaign, assumed front-runners Jeb Bush and Chris Christie probably each see themselves as the logical choice to succeed Obama.  But like Obama, both of these wonderful guys are ignoring the outcome of the 2014 mid-terms.  Rather than riding the wave of conservatism that swept Obama minions out of Congress and back into the private sector, Bush and Christie to varying degrees embrace policies that voters soundly rejected, among them amnesty for illegal aliens, Obama Care and Common Core.  Bush and Christie have yet to articulate their 2016 campaign promises and positions comprehensively, but if we look at what they’ve said so far, their policies will continue to divide the Party rather than uniting it.  Even worse, their policies are remarkably similar to those of any liberal candidate the Democrats might throw into the general election.  If Bush or Christie win the GOP nomination, voters may as well shut their eyes and pull a name out of a hat – the government will look and act the same regardless of which party or candidate wins.

Republicans have routinely ignored the words of Reagan and the example of the Democrats and politically devour their own when they find themselves in disagreement.  Even when Obama acts un-Constitutionally and illegally by anyone’s definition, Democrats continue to support him with their words and their votes in Congress.  Republicans find themselves constantly splitting votes within the Party, thereby allowing Democrats to prevail.

If the GOP is unable to nominate a leader who can unite the Party by embracing the wave of conservatism that the 2014 elections proved exists among the voters, something else has to unite them or the GOP will become just another party that handed their government to a tyrant and faded quietly into obscurity.  That unifying force would have to be radical, powerful and universally acceptable – such as opposition to uber-liberal Hillary Clinton.  If the GOP nominates any of the RINO’s circling the 2016 election watering hole, thereby electing a GOP president with Democrat policies, a vote for Hillary might be something conservatives should consider.