A Simple Case For Impeachment of Barack Obama

The fundamental duty of the President of the United States is to enforce the law.  The executive branch is the only segment of the federal government with the resources and authority to implement and enforce federal laws applicable to individual citizens and businesses (actions in contempt of Congress notwithstanding).  When a President intentionally fails to enforce the law, that President has failed at his primary duty and people or businesses are harmed.  Like any other citizen who harms another, the President must be held accountable.  With regard to President Obama’s actions specific to non-enforcement of U.S. immigration law, there is substantial evidence that U.S. citizens have been harmed.  Based on that, trial through the impeachment process is warranted to determine if the President’s harmful actions have achieved the Constitutional standard for removal from office.  I believe the People have a case.

The impeachment trial of Barack Obama should be based on two simple counts:

1. Failure to implement deportation laws costs taxpayers money damages.  The cost of deporting illegal aliens is substantially less than processing, housing and providing legal counsel to them.  These costs are borne at all levels of government, including federal, State and local.  The President has subjected American taxpayers to these costs in violation of the law, requiring either increases in taxation or the national debt, or both.  These are specific costs for which the President alone must be held accountable.

2. Failure to execute specific actions as ordered by legislation.  Simply put, the President has failed to follow orders.  It’s often said that the President takes orders only from the voters, which is only partially true.  Voters have three methods of directing their President, the first being election to office.  The second method is electing a Congress that, along with the President, creates law that the President is obligated to implement and enforce.  When a President fails to enforce the law through direct and purposeful insubordination, voters – through Congress – have a third method available:  impeachment.

As an Army officer candidate, I was told that once graduated and posted to my unit, I would be “responsible for everything your troops do or fail to do.”  President Obama, Commander In Chief, has failed to follow orders and therefore should be held accountable for what he has done or failed to do, as well as for the harm that his actions or inaction have caused.  The American People deserve to hear the facts in open court and decide through Congress if the President has caused harm, and if so, what the appropriate result should be.

President Obama has done a lot of things that his political opponents, and lately many of his supporters, find harmful to the citizens of the United States and to the reputation of the nation.  I encourage others to state their grievances and recommend action accordingly.  When it comes to enforcement of U.S. immigration law, I believe the President has willfully caused harm to the American people and should face trial for it.  The People have a strong case that should be heard through impeachment.