Winning The Guerilla War Against Big Government

All doubt that Barack Obama and his Democrat Party are now at war with the American people has been erased.  Obama and his followers openly refer to “enemies” on a regular basis – including political opponents, conservative groups, and news organizations.  Every one of his policies has had the opposite effect that he advertised it would.  Federal debt and unemployment are up.  The number of Americans with health insurance is down.  Yet Obama continues to push an increasingly socialist agenda that will not only fail to repair the damage he has already done, it will further increase the pain and suffering of the American demographic he says he is trying most to help.  Obama does this under the blanket of protection afforded him by elections won based on fraudulent promises and outright prevarications.

Obama and the Democrats will not relinquish power without a fight.  They will continue their campaign of blaming opponents for their failures and discrediting news sources when the news does not support their agenda.  They will use the power of government to suppress those who would speak the truth and offer alternative policies.  They have become “the establishment” – one that has deemed itself to be above the law and the Constitution.  Its power is almost limitless, controlling not only the military, social services and general regulation of commerce, but also public education and the news media.

The Republican Party, led mostly by old-guard “establishment” Senators, House members and party officials, have failed to win anything more than a few symbolic battles while doing a dreadful job of fighting the war.  Some have outright capitulated basic Constitutional principles to keep their seat (why would Democrats spend money to challenge a GOP Senator or House member who usually votes with them on key legislation?), while others with better intentions fail to understand the lay of the battlefield and the tactics required to overthrow a tyrant.  There are some who are sacrificing themselves for the cause of liberty, only to find a knife plunged in their back by the GOP establishment.  Hang in there, brothers and sisters.

As George Washington and his commanders learned early in the Revolutionary War, resistance fighters will always lose when battling a regular army toe-to-toe in the open field.  Too many old guard GOP generals want to fight this set-piece form of battle which they are neither equipped nor trained to win.  They solicit donations for this or that PAC or committee and seek opportunities for debate.  They support candidates who maintain the status quo.  Unfortunately, GOP leadership doesn’t appear to understand that their PAC’s are targets for IRS scrutiny and the debates are controlled by left-spinning media.  They are trying to scale a hundred foot castle wall with a step ladder when they should be scouting for a crack in the fortress that can be blown and breached.

Until the GOP is purged of incompetent leadership and status quo elected officials, conservatives on the ground must adopt the tactics of guerilla fighters to regain Constitutional authority over government.  Here are a few suggestions for how to do this.

Be Mobile.  George Patton said “fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.”  In every fight you have to take some punches, but keep moving so you’re harder to hit.  Grass-roots organizations don’t need to create formal non-profit corporations or anything else that could get them audited, sued or shut down.  Effective guerilla units mysteriously appear, fight with precision and disappear with minimum casualties.  Establish communications and organizational capabilities that support guerilla fighting.  When a formal organization is needed, keep it officially small and let its underground members and covert operations be many.

Focus On The Big Picture.  An effective alliance of freedom fighters must survive differences in religious, social and other issues.  The Constitution lays out principles and liberties that should be the rallying cry for recruiting guerilla fighters and maintaining unity within the cause.  Add nothing and delete nothing from the Constitution’s message.

Be Compassionate.  Guerilla forces receive aid and support from the local population as long as they demonstrate compassion and give back to the community.  Robin Hood didn’t steal from the rich and give to the poor; he returned to the poor what was already theirs.  This is the goal of returning to a Constitutional government.

Keep your heads down and your spirits up.