How To Restore The Rule Of Law In America

Conservatives face an uphill battle to regain Constitutional government in America.  Over the past 50 years, observant conservatives have learned a few things about liberals and their political tactics, but unfortunately most of that knowledge has not been employed effectively on the field of political battle.  Nit-pickers with single issue, litmus test agendas and false conservatives (such as RINO’s) have through their negligence, ineptness or self-serving scheming wasted opportunity after opportunity to restore the rule of law that liberals seek to replace with a tyrannical, corrupt ruling class.  So, where do we begin to turn the tide of battle and peacefully achieve victory?

Here are three simple tasks that conservatives must execute to peacefully win back the Republic.

Create A Cohesive Coalition.  Republicans, Libertarians and other non-liberal groups must find common ground and eliminate splintering and in-fighting.  A significant strength of the liberal machine is that it speaks and votes united.  A conservative coalition must find a way to do this, too, by uniting on just a few key points of agreement.  The coalition must speak and vote in unity based upon just these points.  Special interests within the coalition must set aside their broader agenda until the coalition eliminates the common enemy.  Country and liberty must come first.

Organic Growth Of Alternative Media.  Liberals control the major media outlets and that’s not going to change.  The conservative coalition must create and grow multiple information outlets in every media channel.  Growth of a single conservative outlet (e.g. Fox News) has allowed liberal pundits and the liberal media to concentrate its attacks effectively on a single target.  A broad base of conservative information sources will help to disperse those efforts and increase the distribution and credibility of the conservative message.

Control The Election Process.  Getting out the conservative vote will not win elections as long as liberals are able to stuff the ballot box, rig voting machines, and operate polling places using unethical and illegal practices.  Conservatives must be present in every polling place and be involved in the collection and counting of ballots.  They must volunteer as election personnel so they can monitor, document, and help to prosecute polling place abuses at every polling location in the country – especially in heavily Democrat precincts.

If conservatives will do just these three simple things, they have a fighting chance to peacefully return the rule of law to the United States of America.