"Obama, Why Do You Need My Healthcare?"

America’s founding fathers wrote about the danger of government having the power to permit something because that power also gives government the right to deny it.  In the Constitution, individual liberties are identified and declared not to be permitted by government, but instead they are bestowed upon everyone at birth by a Higher Power.  Whether you call that power God, Nature or anything else, individual liberties are not granted by government and government does not have the right to deny them.  For a government to do so is a violation of the natural rights of man.  Knowing that corruption exists in mankind, the founding fathers acted to guarantee natural rights and limit the power of government by ratification of the Constitution.  A government that acts outside the authority of the Constitution is, therefore, in violation of the rights of man and of the law of the land.  The founding fathers had it right – corruption is inevitable.

“Josef, why do you need my death?”

During the reign of Josef Stalin in the former Soviet Union, political purges were commonplace.  Historians recounting that period in Russian history frequently refer to a question asked by some of Stalin’s closest allies who were later imprisoned and executed – “Josef, why do you need my death?”  Many who faced the firing squad were Stalin’s closest friends and strongest supporters as he rose to power.  Stalin used their deaths to rid himself of those who knew his weaknesses and to warn off anyone who might oppose him.

“Obama, why do you need my healthcare?”

ObamaCare is enacting a similar purge, though no one has died from it (yet).  Obama supporters who believed the “if you like your health plan you can keep it” promise are wondering why their affordable health insurance had to be cancelled.  They supported Obama when he sought to extend healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans, a noble cause that was also supported by Republicans and conservatives, though not using the methods that were included in the ObamaCare law.  Regardless of political party, millions of American’s are being forced out of healthcare plans that served their needs well and they are being required to buy policies for which they will pay 20% to 50% higher premiums and be subjected to 100% to 400% higher deductibles.  For millions of middle income families, the highly inflated deductibles mean that they will pay those higher premiums and never receive any care covered by their new policy.  Functionally, it will be the same as having no insurance at all unless they have a catastrophic injury or illness.  These families are being told that their formerly affordable healthcare is being sacrificed so that the uninsured can be cared for.  Obama has stuck a knife in the back of those who supported him.  Millions of his supporters now ask – “Obama, why do you need my healthcare?”

If the goal of ObamaCare is to extend insurance to the uninsured, why is it necessary to take affordable healthcare away for middle income families to accomplish that?  Why not let everyone who wants to keep their policy keep it, while offering subsidized policies to those without insurance?  If taxes need to be raised to provide funding for subsidies – raise taxes.  But inflating healthcare premiums is dishonest at best.  Industry experts estimate that requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions with government subsidies would cost less than half of the cost of ObamaCare.  Why would Obama spend twice what is needed to meet the needs of the uninsured?

The answer is simple:  ObamaCare is a purge.  Natural rights of citizens are being imprisoned in violation of the laws of nature and the U.S. Constitution.  While middle income families are being crushed by higher healthcare costs, the federal government is spending itself into bankruptcy with no transparency and no plan to recover.  The President and his supporters are ruining the U.S economy and destroying a healthcare system that needs continuous improvement, not scraping.  While the average American suffers under the weight of ObamaCare, Obama and his financial supporters are exempt from the law.  Behind the curtain, the Obama administration is grabbing power not afforded by nature or the Constitution.  A perfect storm of corruption, greed and power.

As their last rights are taken from them at gunpoint, longtime Obama supporters will be asking:  “Barack, why do you need my death?”