Why Democrats Will Never Run Another White, Male, Heterosexual Presidential Candidate

Democrats have discovered a political shield as effective as the testudo (“turtle”) and phalanx battle formations employed by Roman legions and Greek armies.  Although not nearly as heroic, this tactic is politically impenetrable and we’re likely to see it used by Democrats for a long time.  The political shield is simply this: place minorities in power positions and when their policies are criticized, label that criticism as bigotry.  America doesn’t like bigotry and will not support bigoted candidates or political parties.  Once the bigot card is played, media focus is placed on the critic and their unfair criticism of the minority candidate – not on the policy.  The shield is in place.

For years, Chris Matthews has defended Barack Obama by stating that conservatives don’t support his policies “just because he’s black” (even though he’s also half white).  Matthews has stated that Obama has never committed a crime and has merely been an honest public servant (although the President admits to extensive illegal drug use in early adulthood and filed taxes using another person’s social security number).  Obama ran for office on “change” rhetoric without explaining precisely what those changes would be or how they would be paid for.  When pushed for details, he labeled those questions as bigoted and media questions stopped.  Requests for details continued from conservative leaders and conservative media, but they were labeled as bigots just for asking the questions and for trying to stifle the progress being made by the first (half) black President.  Details of the President’s policies?  “You have to pass the bill to know what’s in it…”

Expect more minority shield tactics from Democrats in 2014 and 2016.  They’ll be recruiting and running candidates who are some type of minority behind which they can hide unsustainable policies that accomplish little for the American people but solidify Democrat power in Washington.  If she runs, Hillary Clinton is likely to use the minority shield to attempt to become the first “female president.”  Her policies?  Shhhh… don’t be a bigot.