Why Barack Obama Is Afraid Of Americans With Guns

Not much is known about President Barack Obama other than his record in public office and general facts about his early years.  He has redacted, partially by Executive Order, records relating to how he lived during his most formative years – from his teens until he emerges as a candidate for state-wide office in Illinois.  Snippets of documentation reveal that he attended schools in Hawaii, Indonesia, Los Angeles, New York and Cambridge, though details regarding his passports, citizenship and academic performance are closed to the public.

There aren’t a lot of pictures or accounts in circulation regarding Obama’s participation in school sports, though today he is known to play basketball and golf frequently.  Its general knowledge that he didn’t serve in the military, though his reason for bypassing military service is unclear.  It could have been because of his admitted frequent drug use, his disrespect for America, or just plain cowardice.  Regardless, there is no public information available to support any claim that President Obama has even a minimum knowledge of firearms, military operations, martial arts, or any form of national or personal defense.  In short, he knows nothing about guns or how to take personal responsibility for the safety of others.

What Obama does know is that the right of citizens to own firearms can only be found in a handful of countries where the rule of law governs.  World leaders who, by his own admission, helped to form his opinion of government’s place in society explained in their writings that confiscation of firearms was necessary preparation for implementation of their dictatorships.  Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and virtually every brutal dictator responsible for the deaths of millions of their own citizens first registered, controlled and eventually confiscated their citizen’s guns.  To continue in the footsteps of those he admires, Obama realizes that he needs to follow the same process in America.

There are three fears that we can assume Obama has regarding guns.  The first is that he might hurt himself if he ever tried to fire one, even under the supervision of qualified instructors in a controlled range environment.  They go bang and jump like frogs that need to be gripped firmly or they’ll hop right out of your hand.  Semi-automatic pistols can’t be “limp” or “weak-wristed” or the slide may fail to travel fully to eject the spent round and load a fresh one in the chamber.  The thought of confidently holding on to an exploding object probably scares the hell out of our President.

The second fear Obama has regarding guns is that free citizens will use firearms to violently defend their lives, property and rights.  This is a silly and unfounded fear, since if America was to ever enter into such an unlikely period of mass revolt or civil conflict, the opposing parties would be the military, law enforcement and armed citizens working together to defend the nation against a small, pathetic band of progressive terrorists seeking to overthrow the Constitutional government.  If the President chooses to support and defend the Constitution, he would be protected by the finest military and personal protection agencies in the world.  Every private citizen would pledge “…our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor…” to the defense of his personal safety and position in government.  That is what a “militia” does.  If the President and his aides side with those who would advance a coup and attempt to overthrow the lawful Republic, they would find a safe prison cell far from the heat of battle, as provided for by law.  Either way, the President would never be exposed to personal danger from guns.

The third fear Obama has regarding guns is a valid fear that directly confronts his political agenda.  Gun ownership is a symbol of American freedom and rule of law.  Each of the protections contained in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights was placed there to ensure that the rights of The People would not be violated – any of them – individually or in whole.  Obama seeks to violate many Constitutional protections through his legislative agenda, Supreme Court appointments, and Executive Orders.  Therefore, all Constitutional protections stand in his way, including the right to keep and bear arms.

When Obama says gun control is necessary to protect school children and innocent victims, it’s a lie.  His only fear is for his political agenda.  And he should be very, very afraid.