A Day In The Life Of An Oppressed Minority

I’ve never considered myself oppressed, but after reading the liberal rhetoric about how minorities are discriminated against on a daily basis, I decided to look at a day in my own life to see if perhaps I’ve inadvertently joined their ranks.  I’m definitely against oppression.  If I’m oppressing anyone, or being oppressed, I want to do something about it!

I typically start the day with a cup of coffee and a look at the morning news.  Like most people these days, I scan the headlines from several sources in real time online – ABC, NBC, Fox, The Times (UK), Al Jazeera (English version, though I’m working on Arabic and finding that there are significant content differences between the two), Le Monde (French version), plus Die Welt and Der Tagesspiegel (German versions, I lived in Berlin several years and like to keep up on the old neighborhood).  A quick glance at the news gets my mental gyroscope in sync for the day.

Another cup of coffee.

Then I jot down my to-do list for today in my iPhone:

–          Open a new bank account online for a new work project (will need to show photo ID at my local branch later in the day and sign a new signature card)

–          While I’m at the bank, get “Christmas cash” to put in kid’s Christmas cards (will need to show photo ID to cash a check)

–          Doctor’s appointment for annual physical (will need to show photo ID and my Kaiser card before they let me see the doctor)

–          Pick up package at the post office that wouldn’t fit in my PO box (will need to show photo ID or they’ll hold my package hostage)

–          Stop by AT&T to upgrade my phone to iPhone5 (will need to show photo ID to prove it’s my account)

–          Stop by the pistol range to fire a few quick magazines through the Glock (the range master will hold my photo ID while I’m on the range and return it after I’ve paid my fees)

–          On my way home, pick up a few bottles of wine for the weekend (will need to show photo ID to prove I’m old enough to buy booze, hey – that gray hair is premature…)

Just looking at what I have coming up today, it’s obvious I’m being oppressed.  Everywhere I go I’ll have to show photo ID.  Liberals say having to show photo ID to vote, receive any type of government services, or just live a normal life is a sign of racial oppression.  I’m calling my Congressman…