Why “The Rich” Are Easy Targets For The Democrats

Despots typically rise to power by demonizing a minority of the population in the eyes of the voting majority.  Hitler used the Communists and the Jews, Soviets the decadent West, Pol Pot the intellectuals, and jihadists the infidel.  Like the school-yard bully, the despot picks an easy target that most people generally don’t like and that few will defend.  The Democrat Party now employs this strategy by demonizing the rich in America.

Are the Democrats despots?  Unfortunately, yes, though perhaps not all.  But certainly those who now control the party are implementing policies similar to those used by Hitler, Stalin and other famous despots in history.  At every turn, Democrat leadership promotes legislation and policies that force their vision of society on others and reduce the individual liberties that were previously guaranteed by US Constitution.  The socialist utopia they want for America is already available to them – the right to form collectives and co-operatives among themselves to share their food, housing, healthcare or other resources.  Their despotism lies in their abuse of power that forces others to do the same against their will.

So, why are the rich an easy target to help Democrats reach despot status?

  1. There are few rich.  If you’re going to pick on someone, do it to a small population of generally quiet, law abiding individuals who are unlikely to fight back with the same dirty tactics that you employ and can’t muster enough votes to sway an election.  While they stand the moral high ground, take advantage of their silence to control the message and the media against them.
  2. The rich will take the pain quietly.  Most rich are financially conservative savers and you can take a lot from them before they are compelled to fight back.  Middle and low income earners can only give a little before their financial backs are up against the wall and their only option is to fight back.  Despots prefer a population of obedient sheep.
  3. The rich are “sinful.”  We’re all sinners, but it’s easier to point out the sins of others than to take responsibility for our own.  The Democrat message is that the rich are greedy (except for their donors), plus the rich are guilty of a few of the other Seven Deadly Sins* to boot.  But is the man who steals lawful property from another just as greedy as the man from whom he steals?  Not in the Democrat dictionary.  It’s a matter of perspective.
  4. The rich have stuff.  It doesn’t matter that the stuff is, in most cases, lawfully earned.  Or that the total of all the stuff to be taken couldn’t make a dent in the national debt.  It just looks good to take from the rich and appear to give to the poor, though the despot will always cover up that step in the middle where he takes the prime cuts for himself.

So, it’s no wonder the Democrats have selected the rich to target.  The question the American people need to ask at this point is this:  Do they really want a despot?  When the rich are bled dry and there is nothing left to take from them, who will the despot go after next?


*The Seven Deadly Sins:  wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.