Obama’s Three Point Fiscal Cliff Plan Now Available

The U.S. economy sits on the edge of a fiscal cliff.  After meeting with House GOP leaders and failing to sway them to adopt his short term economic plan, President Obama has embarked on a speaking tour to sell his plan to the people.  The fact that the people he’s talking to have no vote in the House or Senate regarding his plan appears to be a mystery to the President.  This is the President’s style – to take his message directly to the people (it’s easier to commit voter fraud in general elections than in the House or Senate).

What is President Obama’s short term economic plan?  The only public information we have is that it’s “nowhere” or not “serious.”  But our mole in Washington has released his report that he says contains the President’s three point plan for economic recovery.  Here it is –

  1. Discontinue presidential elections.  They cost too much and are so tainted by vote tampering and corruption that we can’t trust the results anyway.
  2. Eliminate the House of Representatives.  When not in Democratic control, they turn into a bunch of sniveling, obstructionist, white, angry, gay-bashing, mean-spirited, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, redneck Christian racist bigots.
  3. Put half the population on welfare and food stamps and let the other half pay for it.  That’s “balance.”

If this plan fails to be adopted into law or doesn’t work as expected, it is believed the President will fall back to the strategy that won him re-election.  Blame Bush.