Socialism, Corruption, Tyranny: Connecting The Dots

Socialism, corruption and tyranny are inseparable.  Each requires the others to exist and to function.  As the present Presidential administration seeks to implement socialist policies, they are, in fact, violating the limits placed on government by the U.S. Constitution and committing specific acts of corruption and tyranny.  It’s easy to connect the dots to see how this is true and to understand that proponents of socialism are little more than common criminals.

Socialism is a system wherein the work output of everyone is pooled and redistributed equally to all regardless of each individual’s contribution.  Early socialist thinkers wanted to develop a system that accomplished two goals: 1) value production of visible goods and services equal to intellectual contributions to society, and 2) share the earth’s bounty equally among those possessing extraordinary capacity to produce and those with lesser capacity.  The result was to be both physical (everyone has their basic needs meet) and intellectual (sharing with the less fortunate sooths the soul).  That any man should have more physical possessions than another was thought to be against the laws of nature and would only lead to jealousy and discontentment in society.

So, how could a system that seeks to bring general peace and prosperity to all men become connected to corruption and tyranny?  As with many well-intended efforts, socialism has found great acceptance among two types of people who habitually turn good things into criminal enterprises.  The first are those who lack either the ability or the will to achieve or possess as much as others.  They welcome a society that will give them more for contributing less.  The second are corrupt politicians who use the power of government to confiscate and redistribute wealth for the sole purpose of installing themselves as rulers living in relative luxury.  Equal distribution is for the masses, not for them.  They take the “more equal” share.

For example, in the former Soviet Union a joke was often told about one-time Communist Party Secretary Nikita Khrushchev.  Wanting to impress his mother, he brought her to Moscow to show her his stately offices and limousine, provided by the government.  His mother was unimpressed and said nothing, looking at the floor and slowly shaking her head.  He took her to his huge, ornately-appointed apartment and his mother gave the same response.  They went to his weekend home, his hunting lodge in the mountains, and his beach house on the sea.  His mother refused to comment, until he finally asked her, “Mother, how come you are not happy and impressed that I have achieved so much and have all these wonderful homes?”  His mother responded quietly, “Nikita, don’t tell anyone about all this.  What if the Communists come back?”  Mr. Khrushchev did, in fact, own or control each of these properties.  Today, in another socialist regime, the estimated net worth of the Chinese Communist Party’s nine-member Central Committee is estimated at $90,000,000,000.  That’s billion with a B, comrade.

Corrupt men realize that society will always care for those who can’t care for themselves, so they target the lazy and jealous with promises of government entitlements in return for their support of a socialist society.  Implementation of their corruption centers on using the government to grab power and fulfill their own greed.  They draft legislation and regulation to benefit their supporters and to punish those who do not support them.  They use the resources of government to expand the number of citizens who either require or prefer to receive entitlements, thus inflating their voting base and securing their control over society.  This has been the consistent model for government in socialist societies for 200 years.

Knowing that corruption always accompanies socialism, it’s easy to connect those two dots with tyranny.  At the center of tyranny is compulsion.  Socialists realize that producers and achievers will not voluntarily give up their wealth and possessions to be re-distributed to the lazy and corrupt.  Those who create wealth know that corrupt re-distribution will only encourage more laziness, jealousy, greed and corruption.  Socialists rely on tyranny to forcibly take what others have produced and use it to maintain their power.  They circumvent the Constitution, flooding the political system with so much illegal and un-Constitutional legislation and regulation that opponents have a hard time deciding where to start fighting it.  When opponents do try to fight back, they face corrupt, politically-appointed judges who support the tyranny.

In America, socialists are free to re-distribute their wealth among themselves however they please.  If they did this and were happy, why would anyone care?  But socialism’s corrupt leadership isn’t satisfied to have only what they have earned, they want to take and control that which others have earned to secure power for themselves.  Understanding that the dots of socialism, corruption and tyranny are permanently connected, it’s easy to conclude that those who seek the power of government to compel socialism are no more than common thieves.