Three Step Prescription To Restore America’s Fiscal Health

They say, “feed a cold, starve a fever.”  This might be the best advice America could take to restore its fiscal health.  America’s politicians are deathly ill with spending fever and they’re infecting the rest of the nation with it.  The only viable solution is to starve that fever and here is my three point prescription plan to make that happen.  If Congress and the President will follow even a portion of this advice, the nation will get on the road to recovery faster than if it had gone to a faith healer at a tent revival.

Step One – Eliminate the federal income tax.  Let taxpayers file one return with their state, then have each state pay the federal government a fixed percentage of the income tax it collects.  This would eliminate the social engineering and special interest provisions that make a copy of the federal tax code heavier than a main battle tank.*

Step Two – Conduct a 10th Amendment audit.  While the federal government has been delirious with spending fever, it’s wandered well outside the lines of authority granted by the Constitution.  The Constitution has a list of “must do” and “may do” functions that the federal government is charged with conducting.  The 10th Amendment says any other functions are the responsibility of the states.  Conduct a wall-to-wall audit and transfer unauthorized functions from the federal government to the states, then let the states decide if they want to continue each function, modify it, or eliminate it.

Step Three – Conduct an audit of foreign aid spending.  The Secretary of State announced this morning that she wants $200,000,000 additional humanitarian aid for Syrian rebels, meanwhile 10’s of thousands in New York and New Jersey still have no electricity.  We’re borrowing money from Red China to give to nations who do not consider the US a friend.  This is insanity.  International friends are made through good foreign policy, not cash payoffs.  Foreign aid is out of control.

Could our government leaders even consider any of these three steps?  Possibly, if there are still any elected leaders who remember that their job is to represent the views and needs of their constituents when at work in Washington, not represent the needs of Washington during those rare visits home to visit their continuants.


* I know you engineers and Methodists are wondering how much a tank actually weighs – an M1 Abrams main battle tank weighs a little over 67 tons.