The New American Revolution Has Begun

The first shot of the New American Revolution has been fired.  It wasn’t the re-election of Barack Obama or the cover-up or scandal involving _________________ (fill in the blank, there are so many to choose from right now).  The first shot was simply the blatant election fraud that made the 2012 elections, and the American electoral process, dysfunctional and ultimately invalid.  This fraud has stripped from the American people their Constitutional right to vote in free and fair elections without duress or obstruction.  In 2012, electoral outcomes were not decided by the people.  They were decided by the vote rigger, the ballot box stuffer, and the voting machine re-programmer.  These criminals, and those behind the scenes who put their criminal activity in motion, are the enemy who fired the first shots of the New American Revolution point blank at the American people.

Government “for the People, by the People” will soon be lost in the dusty bookshelves of history if America does not fight back.

Eerily absent is action by the President and his administration to respond to widespread reports of election fraud by finding and prosecuting the perpetrators.  Maybe it’s because the fraud so obviously benefited his party and many of the causes its supports, maybe not.  Regardless, no government official responsible for the conduct of elections can escape the responsibility laid upon them by assumption of their office to protect the Constitutional right of the people to free and fair elections.  The Secretary of State of each state, each County Elections Commissioner, all those responsible for conducting elections, share in the guilt by allowing fraud to take place or by not taking appropriate action once it was reported.  In short, they are just as guilty as those who stuffed the ballot box or rigged voting machines.  And they should be held legally accountable.

The second shot of the New American Revolution needs to be fired by the American people.  It must include immediate prosecution of not only those who committed election fraud, but also prosecution of government officials who supported it either by their participation or by their criminal negligence that allowed it to happen.

Where authorities have not taken the initiative to begin fraud investigations, citizens should petition state and local prosecutors to investigate election fraud and take appropriate legal action to hold elected or appointed officials, civil servants and criminals accountable.  Where prosecutors will not investigate reports of election fraud, the people must assemble whatever resources are required to demand action through the courts.  If either of these approaches fails, those who have the responsibility to keep the election process valid but choose not to must be exposed to the public through whatever media channels are available.  Their removal from office or position must be sought through every legal means.

The American people did not start this war, but they need to win it or face extinction as a free people.  No nation can be free without free and fair elections.