How Liberals Will Ride The GOP Horse Until It Drops

Recently I was listening to a radio interview with an author discussing his new book.  In it, he describes a socialist plan for the future of America.  Products and services would be provided by government controlled cooperatives rather than businesses.  Everyone would benefit by producing according to their abilities and receiving according to their needs.  Classic Marxism per “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital.”

How does the author say socialism could be implemented in America?  Banks would be replaced by credit unions owned by depositors and all loans would automatically be approved.  Food would be grown on small, local, organic, cooperative farms.  Unhealthy foods would not be produced and everyone could have as much food as they needed at no cost.  No one would own real estate, they would have free use of it for as long as they needed, then it would be given to someone else.  Everyone’s needs would be met by everyone pitching in and contributing what they can.

As I listened, it occurred to me that all of this is, indeed, already available to anyone wanting to participate.  There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that says people can’t band together freely to share what they produce and determine how it is distributed.  So, the worker’s paradise is already here for anyone who wants to partake.  The struggle is over, isn’t it?

“Ahhh… we need government, that’s the prize!” stated the author when asked how his socialist vision could be achieved.  The interviewer followed up, “Why do you need government?  If this system is so great, people should flock to it in droves!”  To this, the author answered truthfully.  “People are greedy.  People have dreadful, selfish desires for personal achievement and reward for their individual accomplishments.  People need to be controlled so that those impulses can be used for the collective good.  We need to direct them to work equally as hard for society as they do for themselves.  We need their energy, drive and work ethic.  Society can’t sustain itself without harnessing the strengths and abilities of those with the exceptional ability to get things done.”

“What will society offer to those who work harder than most and contribute more than most?” asked the interviewer.

“They receive the sense of accomplishment that their greedy souls require, nothing more.  They’ll receive the same food, housing and currency as those who don’t have their drive and work ethic.”

“And if they don’t agree to this?”

“That’s why we need the power of government to compel them to cooperate.”

“Under the threat of imprisonment or at the point of a gun?”

“Yes, if needed.  It’s for the good of society.”

So, sleep well, conservatives and those who align themselves with the GOP.  Especially if you have energy, drive and a strong work ethic.  You are needed.  In fact, as your taxes are raised and your business is further regulated, your contribution to society will be demanded.  Society is going to ride you until you drop.

Or you can support the Constitution and use your vote to fight back.