Free Speech and Liberal Hypocrisy

Regarding the Texas shootings over the Mohammed drawings, liberals have made hypocrisy into an art form. In the past two days, many liberals (including in the media) stepped up to declare that while they support free speech, creating an event to antagonize Moslems is inappropriate at best and provocative at worst. While they may be right, liberals remained silent when “artist” Serrano placed a crucifix in a glass of piss and called it art. In fact, rather than being angry that this might offend Catholics, liberals defended its placement in a federally funded art museum. Likewise, liberals demonstrated no anger against the play “The Book of Mormon” despite how it ridicules the Mormon faith.

Yet, liberals are much less concerned about religious freedoms if the religion is other than Muslem. For example, they seem to take great joy in seeing a baker go bankrupt for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding that is against their religious practice. So liberals – do you believe in free speech or do you believe only in speech that supports your perspectives? Do you respect our freedom of religion or only certain religious practices?

The more interesting question is: are liberals taught hypocrisy or is it something within their DNA? Think how many problems could be solved if people actually stood by their principles, instead of being so selective in the application of their values.