Time Magazine's Anti-Christian Bias on Display

Over the years I have grown accustomed to the liberal bias in Time Magazine’s news reporting and learned to read their articles with a grain of salt. I used to save articles where their bias was particularly egregious but needed to stop when the offending articles began to dominate space in my file cabinet.

However, Time editors outdid themselves in their March 3rd edition in reporting on the results of a Gallup International poll that asked 66,000 people in 65 nations to identify the world’s top problems. Results included issues such as Corruption, Unemployment, Environmental Issues, and Religious Fundamentalism. For each issue Time created an associated symbol – Tree for Environmental Issues, Briefcase for Unemployment, etc.

Most symbols made sense. Except one. To depict international concern over religious fundamentalism, Time choose a cross. Does Time Magazine really believe that the world is more worried with Christian fundamentalism than radical Islamist fundamentalism?

When terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center, they shouted “Allah is Great”, not “Jesus Saves.” Suicide bombers across the globe are jihadists, not fanatical Catholic nuns or Christian terrorists. Al-Qaeda brings death across the globe, not Baptists. Almost universally, around the world wherever there is religious-based ferment, terrorism and suffering, the cause is Islamist fundamentalism, not Christian.

Yet Time Magazine felt a need to link Christianity with a world’s identified problem. Surely their editors cannot be ignorant of Islamist fundamentalism terrorism. Therefore, using a cross to represent what the world sees as a problem was an intentional act to demonstrate their antagonism towards Christianity. If there was any attempt to use a scale of fairness and honesty, Time Magazine would not have linked Christianity with this problem. I am curious to learn what it is about Christian fundamentalism that Time finds so terrifying.

Christians have for too long tolerated this underlying antagonism in the media. It is time for Christians to call out those who misrepresent facts to push their personal political agendas.