The Conversation

This past Friday evening the crap really hit the fan when the Clinton Campaign released some of their operational research containing a 2005 audio of Donald Trump speaking very poorly about women. Then, shortly after the Clinton team release, Wikileaks released a partial transcript of one of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches where she made clear that she is for open borders and a common trade market. Specifically she said the following:

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

It was also clear that Ms. Clinton says one thing to her donors and another thing to the American people in her speeches. Most of us know and have heard this speak from politicians; it’s called double talk. Now, as most of you know, I am not a fan of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and I’m not going to defend comments by either of these fools as in my opinion, neither should have gotten to this point. However, we are where we are and I believe, the nation is definitely upside down; God help us. So ask yourself, why the hell are we talking about this nonsense and not about our nation’s security, how to take care of our veterans better, how to defeat ISIS, immigration, and job creation?

Now just as expected, once the Clinton team released the aforementioned audio clip, first starting with the Chair of the RNC, then followed by other establishment politicians, the stampede of politicians running for cover to save their own skin was underway. That said, everyone knows that there is a higher mission at stake in this election and in regard to Donald Trump foul language or Hillary’s view of the world, and using her own words, “What difference at this point does it make?”

In the next 30 days, America will elect its next president and this is hardly the time for political correctness, but I suspect that even after the 2nd debate tonight, the media will keep up the witch hunt against Donald Trump while ignoring 30 years of bad decisions and actions against women by Hillary Clinton. That’s the thing about politics that really makes people sick, the double standard and the political correctness that accomplishes nothing. Hell, just look at how political correctness took down Paula Deen over words she admitted saying many years ago, yet the torches came out and the mob wanted justice. Unfortunately, this is the sewer world we live in today with safe spaces and trigger warnings.

As I said earlier, the conversation we ought to be having is about creating jobs, our nation’s security and how to fix the Veterans Administration (VA), but the media and most of Washington’s politicians are fixated on political correctness. It is the hot potato of our time that keeps elected officials from doing anything.

But we as a nation are paralyzed and are unable to even take care of our veterans. As many of you remember, the same politicians practicing political correctness today are the same ones including President Obama that promised to fix the problems plaguing the VA. Yet here we are well over two years later and nothing has changed. Hell, according to the same lot, we were to have defeated ISIS as well, yet they are still going strong.

My friends, I know it is easy to jump on the band wagon and bash Donald Trump for what he has admitted saying over a decade ago. But let me remind you, every day, 20 + veterans commit suicide daily and yet when many men and women call the VA Hotline, they are put on hold or hear a recording about calling back. Isn’t this the real travesty and not some words spoken 11 years ago? So as they say…given as the problems facing this nation whomever is elected president, it will be about the “There There.” This was the lesson we learned following the Russian reset, when the Russians invaded Crimea, and proved that Mitt Romney was right and Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton were wrong.

Now one of the quality differences I’ve noticed recently between the Democrats and the Republicans is that quality of loyalty.  As an example, when the Dems face a crisis, they circle the wagons and ride out the storm. In the most recent case with Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of classified material, not one democrat denounced her, even though they knew her actions endangered the nation and citizens serving overseas. With the latest Donald Trump scandal, members of the GOP were quick to abandon their post in favor of their saving their own political skin. Truly a sad thing to watch since many of them are so call Christians. I am reminded of John 8:7, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Tonight’s debate will be the Alamo Stand for Donald Trump and possibly for Hillary Clinton. She cannot take Mr. Trump’s latest misstep as a signal that she will automatically be elected our next president. Both candidates should they survive the media onslaught for the next 30 days will still have to earn our vote; nothing is for certain.

Colonel (Ret) John D. Vernon, USA, is the author of “Angels Watching Over Me” and is the CEO, American Warrior Press. Learn more at http://americanwarriorpress.com and follow him on twitter @JOHNDVERNON1. ©JohnVernon2016