The Real State Of Jones

For those of you who are political junkies like me and who are looking for candidates to get behind this 2016 election cycle, I would offer up a great candidate for running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 2d district; James Jones [jamesjones4congress2016.com].

Now, for as long as I can remember, the 2d Congressional district has been a democrat stronghold, but with the conviction of former democrat Representative Chaka Fattah on charges of taking bribes and stealing charitable funds and federal money this past June, momentum for party change has swung to the GOP side.

I first met James when I was running for the U.S. Senate in 2012. To say I was immediately impressed is an understatement and our mutual friendship has continued to this day.

That said, I know many of you are wondering why you should get behind James or even care. Here’s the reasons why I believe you should take the time to check him out. First and foremost, James is a decent human being whose integrity is beyond reproach and as a retired Navy man, he is actively involved in veteran issues and solving the problems plaguing the Veterans Administration. He has logged many years as a successful businessman and he is a man of deep religious faith who “practices what he preaches” and who “walks the walk.” James has also proven himself to be a strong leader within his community and a man of exceptional character, which are qualities that have been missing around the halls of Congress for a long, long time.

For those of you that have either been candidates like myself or are just heavily involved in politics, you know the cost of running a campaign and electing people of good moral character. At this very moment, we have an opportunity to turn around the 2d Pennsylvania Congressional district and bring true hope and opportunity to not only the folks who live there, but all Americans. We do that by electing standup candidates like James Jones to represent us.

So whether you live in Pennsylvania or some other great State within the Republic, go to jamesjones4congress2016.com and check him out. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Colonel (Ret) John D. Vernon, USA, is the author of “Angels Watching Over Me” and is the CEO, American Warrior Press. Learn more at http://americanwarriorpress.com and follow him on twitter @JOHNDVERNON1. ©JohnVernon2016