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America as a nation is now facing the most challenging economic, social and security issues that have threatened her very future existence as a Democratic Republic since 911. For quite some time now, people here in America have been asleep at the switch all because their political ideology has blinded them from being able to see the looming perfect storm. For well over a decade, the warrior class have been sounding the alarm, but their calls have fallen on deaf ears, as liberal progressives have ridiculed and labeled them as “right-wing” alarmists. It has become vogue in recent years to protect the rights of the minority verses the rights of the majority, because that’s what the community organizer was taught to do.

In my first book, Angels Watching Over Me, I predicted that America as a nation would be faced with an information war like never seen in the history of this great nation or the world. We are now seeing the outcome of this information war play out in the form of how we as a nation have failed to “contain” terrorism regionally and in the division of races and genders here at home. The objective of both the internal and external forces waging this information war against the American people is to destroy the very “idea” of America and reduce her into something less than exceptional.

Everywhere we turn today, we see government getting larger and the burden on the American people growing at exponential rates like an out of control cancer that has no cure. America as a nation is no longer the economic titan she has been in past decades and our economic future is now based on international trade deals negotiated by progressive shrills who believe in “fairness” which is code for the American people getting the short end of the stick with countries like India, China, and Mexico being given massive amounts of wealth hand over fist.

But here at home for example, America has long attempted to fight poverty and the importation of illegal drugs into this country. But both of the aforementioned policies have been dismal failures and have cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars. While that does not mean we should give up if these policies truly belong in our values wheelhouse, but we have to define what we stand for and see it through. That said, I for one can no longer articulate what American values really are as the focus has turned away from nation and turned to one’s self.

For as long as I can remember, I have long been an anti-establishment citizen who firmly believed that politicians have poisoned the very fabric that has made America great and who represent exactly what is wrong with America today. For my entire life, people have told me what I can and cannot do, which has driven me to prove them wrong. In a similar comparison, I believe this is exactly what is holding back people of color. Simply said, for far too long, people of color have relied upon the government for their every existence when they could and should stand on their own. In my opinion, it is long overdue time for people of color to take charge of their own lives, their destiny, and their future. They should not allow themselves to be held hostage by political parties, race baiters, or by those within their own community that want to keep them down by blaming their woes on the men and women in blue.

America’s first responders like our military do not get enough credit for what they every day for people regardless of their color, creed or religion. The “Ferguson Effect” has had a devastating effect on how law enforcement agencies and officials approach crime around the nation and how they police communities.

Today, the “Windy City,” well known as the home of the “Cubbies” and the “Bulls,” has turned into a virtual war zone based upon failed liberal policies and the failure to act and enforce the rule of law. So far as of May 13, 2016, as reported by Fox News Bill O’Reilly, homicides in Chicago are up 70% so far this year from last year. Non-fatal shootings are up 87%, and the overwhelming majority of the victims are black. With 1,014 people shot so far this year, the human toll is staggering. Regardless of what Mr. Obama and his liberal followers spew, it is not about guns or more gun regulations; but rather about deeds not words.

As a retired and disabled veteran who has served this great nation, I am greatly distressed by the lack of action by our Commander-in-Chief and Members of Congress to address the issues facing our veterans today. With approximately only 2% percent of the American population having served in the Armed Forces, we are truly a minority that has been abandoned and left behind. As we head into yet another presidential election cycle veterans have been left to die and are not receiving adequate health care across the spectrum of VA medical centers. In fact, it is estimated that over 50K of veterans are now homeless and have some sort of service connected disability related to a combat deployment. What has to happen in order to bring awareness to this domestic crisis for government officials to take action? I’m simply at a loss for words.

Speaking of being at a loss for words. This morning I awoke to breaking news that a mass shooting occurred at a night club in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours. Throughout the day, the death toll climbed and the FBI announced that this attack was linked to terrorism. Later in the day, the President gave short remarks, and in typical fashion, he did not utter the words “Islam Extremism,” but rather he could not help himself by calling for stricter gun regulations. Talk about poor form and timing, but that is truly who he really is. As has been said many times, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

I believe that America is in big trouble and the things I have mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg. We are all sailing on the Titanic in the middle of the night dodging icebergs, but the law of averages are quickly catching up to us.  Today, I truly feel “Thunderstruck,” and I don’t know whether we as a nation will survive, but if we do, it will be because of the warrior class and not because of politicians, cowards and ideologues.

Colonel (Ret) John D. Vernon, USA, is the author of “Angels Watching Over Me” and is the CEO, American Warrior Press. Learn more at http://americanwarriorpress.com and follow him on twitter @JOHNDVERNON1. ©JohnVernon2016

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