Change We Don’t Need



For many years to come, historians and political authors will capture the political wave phenomenon that is sweeping through the 2016 election primaries like a tsunami. Political pundits have tried in every news cycle to predict the outcome of both the Republican and Democrat races, but to no avail. However, Barack Obama’s election campaign slogan of “Change” is slowly taking shape all across America like a dark black cloud of the perfect storm. As a student of history, I never thought I’d live to see the day in the United States when both socialism and fascism were popular political platforms…but it is what it is and the lynch mob mentality is growing stronger every day, seemingly out of control. Equally scary is the willingness of people to throw away their rights and feel the need to trample on the rights of others; the constitution be damned.

Last week, I published an article titled, “All Hail The Messiah,” as an experiment to test the hypothesis contained in an open letter to Trump Fans by Matt Walsh, and published on The Blaze website. I’ve provided the link here for those that wish to read it. I thought Mr. Walsh’s article was spot on and very well done. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/dear-trump-fan-so-you-want-someone-to-tell-it-like-it-is-ok-here-you-go/

That said, the premise of the aforementioned Walsh article is that Trump supporters love Mr. Trump’s bombastic “tell it like it is” style, even if Mr. Trump’s very style goes against every value they hold near and dear. But flip the table and use the same Trump tactics to criticize for example, Mr. Trump, his tactics, or his supporters, and you’ll end up coming face to face with Cujo.

Now, having said that, “All Hail The Messiah,” was intended and written as a satirical piece specifically designed to employ the tactics that would test the hypothesis of “Dear Trump Fan” and nothing more. Needless to say, you have to love the science process, and I was not disappointed with the results. Without pale, of the twenty-two comments levied my way, I was called childish, petulant, and uncool just to list a few of the labels. With my science project complete, data in hand, and hypothesis confirmed, it’s time to move on; point made.

In my opinion, the 2016 election cycle should be a time of excitement and action for the American people, however, the level of division between people on many issues, as well as the bold outright embracement of socialism as a viable option has to raise eyebrows. But, what really disturbs me is the rise of and acceptance of discrimination, racism, and threats of violence by the Republican front runner. We’ve all heard the reports of Mr. Trump putting down Senator John McCain, saying that he isn’t a war hero, the mimicking of a disabled reporter, the threat of punching a protester in the face, and most recently reports of white supremacists at Trump rallies. But today I viewed the below video of Mr. Trump implying that a judge reviewing one of the Trump University law suits against him is biased because the judge is Hispanic.

This Tuesday, I plan on doing my civic duty by casting my ballot like many American citizens as part of Super Tuesday. As I’ve said numerous times, voting for a candidate is personal manner and you don’t need to explain your voting preference to anyone. That said, this past week, I received numerous Facebook posts which I classify as “bully posts.” These posts are the ones where the writer states if you don’t vote for Mr.  Trump or you decide to “sit it out” you are voting for either Bernie Sanders or the presumptuous nominee Hillary Clinton. Then there are the ones where you are badgered about the sky falling and how YOUR vote is going to decide the election and the fate of our nation. The ultimate threat though is, “if you don’t vote for one of the two candidates in the general election, then you don’t have a right to complain.” Don’t hold your breath on this one.

I have always believed that you have to vote your conscience and not what a political party tells you to do. Those who know me, know that I’m a conservative independent who stands firmly on principle. That is not to say that I’m some righteous high and mighty person, but I simply find it hypocritical to vote for someone simply because they are the “lesser of two evils.” Better to stand for something than to stand for nothing.

But what we are seeing today, is something never seen in American politics and I believe will shape the future of our children and grandchildren. More and more, politicians are promising to grow government, provide single payer healthcare and provide a free college education to the masses. With our nation already in debt by almost $20 trillion dollars and rising, and the large crowds turning out for political rallies where these promises are made, it reminds me of the media reporting on Greece when their economy fell. Pretty scary stuff.

For the first time in American political history, we could likely have one candidate under indictment by the Department of Justice and the other in court over alleged fraud charges concerning the failed Trump University allegations come the post summer political conventions. With all the hype about corrupt Washington politicians, this particular scenario would be most fitting for both elites with lots of roasts on the late night comedy shows.

As we move beyond Super Tuesday, I do not expect the political atmosphere and candidate demeanor to become more professional or presidential. In fact I predict it will be a total blood sport akin to the colosseum days of old Rome. What is true whether we like it or not, is that “change” has arrived in America and it’s quite possible, that like Donald Trump rallies, the mob rules.

Colonel (Ret) John D. Vernon, USA, is the author of “Angels Watching Over Me” and is the CEO, American Warrior Press. Learn more at http://americanwarriorpress.com and follow him on twitter @JOHNDVERNON1. ©JohnVernon2016