All Hail The Messiah

Trump side show


In this week’s political article “Choices And Consequences” which I published on Red State, I wrote about the false Trump phenomenon sweeping the nation and predicted that the Trump trolls would attack me at first chance once they were able to get behind their computer keyboards.  Needless to say, they did not disappoint me and proved just how cowardly they really are. In fact, while Trump can blurt out at least four words on cue like stupid, loser, liar and wall, most of his followers can only grunt like Neanderthals the word “Trump.”

Today, there is little doubt that the American people are angry at the inefficiency of their government.  I mean hell, I’m angry too and not just a little. As a matter of fact, our government generally sucks and the American dream has as Don Mclean quipped in the song American Pie, “took the next train to the coast.”

Now I have to admit, it wasn’t my article, “Choices And Consequences” that really pissed off the Trump trolls, but my posting on Twitter and Facebook that if the Don got the nomination, I would “sit out the election.” Now, to show you just how cowardly these keyboard bots really are, none of them really know me or what I done in my life, yet were very ready to play Jesus and judge me to the core. The standard bullying tactic of, “if you sit it [the election] out, Hillary will win,” applied, like my vote is going to be “the one” that tips the election scale. Wouldn’t that be the sh#$!

In my book, “Angels Watching Over Me,” I wrote about my distain for the establishment politicians, after all, having run unsuccessfully for the United States Senate, I ran head long into a guy, who just like the Don, financially bullied people out of the race.  I have never forgotten that experience nor the examples of people putting their own needs ahead of the nation’s needs.  These are sins are permanently etched in my mind.

And while my 2012 Senate Campaign are long over, I have not forgotten the name and faces of the establishment blokes who like magnets were drawn to the money, their morale compasses broken and their compass arrow spinning in circles never finding true north.

These are the same people who claim they are pro-life, yet as Trumpites they are ok with his support of Planned Parenthood. These are the same people who say that he is not owned by special interest, yet these same people support the man who as a major stock owner of Goldman Sachs IS special interest. These are the same people who say they want a businessman to run the government, yet clearly don’t understand or care that in a business there is not a bill of rights. Questions?

Regardless of what the Trump Army of Neanderthals say or do, they are not looking out for the betterment of this nation, but rather themselves. In fact, the Don is actually closer to Bernie Sanders than Ronald Reagan. Here’s my point. With a straight face…would Ronald Reagan ever call someone a loser? Stupid? Or a Liar? I don’t think so. Point made.

The Trumpites are scared to death that a republican other than the Don will win the 2016 Presidential election. For far too long, the Trumpites have been drinking from the well of generality, so much so, that they have lost their sight. Unlike in the gospel of Mark, where the blind beggar Bartimaeus, who because of his faith is given the miracle of sight, these unfaithful beggars have literally sold their soul to the devil.

Man cannot serve both God and Mammon. Donald Trump represents Mammon and will be the great undoing of this once great nation. Full of campaign promises and insults, this man will reap what he sows and unfortunately will take the nation with him because of his huge ego. As I’ve said previously, it is about choices and consequences and sometimes you have to stand and fight.

Colonel (Ret) John D. Vernon, USA, is the author of “Angels Watching Over Me” and is the CEO, American Warrior Press. Learn more at http://americanwarriorpress.com and follow him on twitter @JOHNDVERNON1. ©JohnVernon2016