Embracing Extremism Over The Truth

ExtremismElected officials, political candidates and a large number of Americans have embraced extremism over telling the truth. They would rather be politically correct and hold on to their lies than be principled and truthful. A couple of weeks ago, American citizens and the world learned that Secretary of State John Kerry with the blessing of Barack Obama’s White House cut a nuclear deal with Iran, a known terrorist state and hostage taker. This “deal” will not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Everyone in the world knows this and the handing over of $150B to known terrorists, is akin to directly financing terrorism and fostering the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The other week, Secretary testified before Congress that he had not seen all the “deals” agreed to when specifically asked to comment on a specific “deal” mentioned by Susan Rice, United States National Security Advisor. This is rapidly becoming more like Nightmare on Elm Street. Secretary Kerry has drank the Kool-Aid and embraced the zombie apocalypse. All of this coming on the heels of over a year of bloviating by Mr. Obama on how ISIS would be defeated. Today, the Islamic State is now stronger than ever and growing in strength and confidence every day. It seems that burning people alive, drowning people, throwing gays off of buildings, and selling women and children into slavery and sexual bondage doesn’t strike a nerve with the political elite in Washington shaming them to do what they were elected to do.

For the longest time, Mr. Obama has told the American people that ISIS will be defeated and that ISIS will lose. But all that rhetoric is nothing more than loud noise as Mr. Obama has embraced extremism as he can’t even utter the words, Islamic extremism. Fast forward to the end of July 2015 when five brave members of our armed forces were laid to rest, having been gunned down by a gunman who embraced an extreme Islamic ideology. After the initial outcry, it didn’t take long for the political kabuki dance theater to begin over whether this was a terrorist attack or not. This debate by political cowards in suits it seems is over whether or not these brave men should receive purple hearts. This debate is both ridiculous and sad. In my view, this crop of Washington cartel politicians are the most inept group to ever have ever been elected to Congress. As an example of their continued outrageous behavior, during recent testimony before Congress by family members of those murdered by illegals including the family of Kate Steinle, members of Congress were clearly having a hard time staying awake or felt that their cell phones were more important. I’m sorry, but is the murder of 121 American citizens at the hands of illegals that boring that you could not at least pretend like you give a damn?

In recent weeks, multiple videos have surfaced portraying the organization Planned Parenthood as having harvesting the body parts of baby’s for monetary gain. The videos are both grizzly, shocking and hard to watch, but most importantly call into question the civility of America as a nation. In an act of denial after the first video, Planned Parenthood first spouted the narrative that the videos were taken illegality and were heavily edited. But when more videos surfaced and knowing that more will be forthcoming, Planned Parenthood hired a public relations firm to help with the damage control. Today, Planned Parenthood have also asked the media not to run any of the videos currently released and to not cover any released in the future. The White House in their official statement are standing with Planned Parenthood. What a crock, dishonest and brutal practice. To me, this is a crime against humanity and they are all complicit.

The dishonest nature of politicians as well as many Americans and groups who stand to gain from embracing extremism is a cancer engulfing this once proud and righteous nation. The American people need to wise up and wise up quick. I believe a fight is coming and its coming sooner than anyone expects. America will be at a significant disadvantage when the fighting begins because of our internal and petty divisions. There will be no Barack Obama’s, John Kerry’s or Planned Parenthood around to blame for our failures to act on behalf of humanity; it will be too late. Instead, a future generation will bleed and be buried because we stood and watched as extremism became our drug du jour.

Colonel (Ret) John D. Vernon, USA, is the author of “Angels Watching Over Me” and is the CEO, American Warrior Press. Learn more at http://americanwarriorpress.com and follow him on twitter @JOHNDVERNON1.

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