Damn Those Who Won’t Fight Evil

Last Tuesday, the Islamic terrorist group ISIS released a video of its horrific murder of a Jordanian pilot, sparking primal outrage around the world. On Thursday, at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama spoke of Christian brutality during the crusades, the imposition of slavery in America, and the post-Emancipation oppression of Jim Crow laws as if those events somehow justified the latest ISIS action. His words made my blood boil and my stomach churn. In a stunning display of non-leadership, the President continued to justify, rationalize, obfuscate, and mislead. He said everything except “This is what we shall do.” The world is searching for a leader to defeat ISIS. It is clear that Barack Obama is not that leader.

President Obama routinely refuses to acknowledge that Islamic extremism exists. During his time as President, he has repeatedly embarrassed America by virtue of his wanton ignorance. Mr. Obama is so consumed with ensuring that he stays true to his ideology and partisanship that he has become blind to that which the rest of the world can plainly see.

Genuine leaders are true to themselves, to the people they serve, and to humanity. On the other hand, politicians worry about themselves, about their reputations, and about their next meal ticket. Mr. Obama and his merry band of progressives stand at the podium every day and crow that they are fighting terrorism, criminals, and extremism. They are lying, and they know it. In fact, they can’t even get their terms straight.

Anyone who has served in the military knows that you cannot destroy an ideology, you can only defeat it. Having said that, it’s not surprising to hear President Obama pontificate about destroying ISIS and then he does nothing.

To defeat ISIS, America must be the leader that the world needs it to be and it must use everything in its tool bag, both fair and unfair, to gain the upper hand and crush this evil. For example, we must confront this evil financially by cutting off foreign aid to countries that support ISIS. We must conduct cyber-warfare to choke off ISIS’s access to social media, which it uses to transmit strategic messages and for recruitment. We must strike at the mass communication systems, which broadcast radio and television messages from ISIS. We must support grassroots insurgency efforts by training and arming trusted groups that can immediately fight. We must use drones and airstrikes to demoralize and kill the enemy. Finally, we must employ Special Forces teams to conduct raids on known targets while host nation forces hold newly-gained ground.

If the United States remains content to sit back and watch, the enemy will progressively become more brazen and more brutal. We desperately need a leader who is willing to take action. I am not encouraged after listening to the Secretary of Defense Nominee stutter when he was asked to define the administration’s strategy to defeat ISIS. Talk about embarrassing!

It is high time that the American people demand action. This action requires a coordinated international effort in order to succeed. Here is a message to both the Executive and Legislative branches: Stop the politics and get to work. We must defeat the twin evils of ISIS and Islamic terrorism.