A Call For Leadership

America is in dire need of leadership after being hijacked by the hope and change spell which has recently unfolded as the worst scam of the American people since the Enron scandal of 2001.  Without question, America is facing a national identity crisis.  This calamity has been perpetrated by the same political charlatans who have knowingly sold the American people snake oil instead of the promised leadership the electorate base installed them to provide.  For many years, the American public has been fooled by members of the business community, who sold themselves as the solution to the country’s economic woes.  After multiple failed policies, we have learned that all of this was a ruse to continue doing what they do best—making money for themselves and special interests.  Events around the world are becoming more and more chaotic.  Instead of working together to provide inspired leadership, our elected officials have resorted to hashtags and partisan allegations.  For those of us who still believe in American exceptionalism, as Bonnie Tyler quipped, “we’re holding out for a hero.”

Ever since our nation’s infancy, political leaders have relied on military leaders to accomplish the lion’s share of our country’s most difficult tasks.  It is in the very bowels of conflict that the best leadership traits exemplified by our men and women in uniform surface, making us proud to be Americans.  Experienced both as administrators and as operators who lead under the most difficult of circumstances, these warriors enjoy an 80%+ public approval rating when compared to the current 17% Congressional public approval rating, according to Gallup polls over the past couple of years.  Why is it, then, that we continue to elect people without real world leadership experience?  I believe that the majority of the American people simply do not know how skilled members of the military are in the science of problem-solving and the art of leadership.  According to a May 2013 New York Times article:

“For nearly two generations, no American has been obligated to join up, and few do. Less than 0.5 percent of the population serves in the armed forces, compared with more than 12 percent during World War II. Even fewer of the privileged and powerful shoulder arms. In 1975, 70 percent of members of Congress had some military service; today, just 20 percent do, and only a handful of their children are in uniform.”

I know that it might take more time for the common core supporters to figure out how many members of Congress have zero military experience, but my old-school math skills tell me that approximately 80% do not.  The figures cited by the New York Times are both telling and frightening for the future of our nation and our children.

Over the past six years, failed foreign policies have led to the deaths of American military personnel, civilian contractors, and those serving in government service overseas.  Failed policies have led to the skyrocketing of energy costs, and the loss of jobs.  Iraq is being overrun by Al Qaida, Egypt is in turmoil, Libya is controlled by Al Qaida and splinter militias, and Russia has annexed the Crimea.  None of these groups fear us. On top of all of these events, we recently traded five hard-core Taliban terrorists for a member of our armed forces without the consent of Congress, which equated to a violation of law and strengthened the resolve of those who wish to destroy our way of life.  Elected officials and their political appointees spew excuses and false narratives at every turn to justify their collective lawlessness.  The loss of order and respect for the rule of law is evidenced by politicos who look in the other direction as thousands of people pour across our southern borders.  We are coming apart internally and it is a cancer that is destroying our nation’s moral framework.

America’s political leaders are out of touch and inept in handling domestic and international affairs.  Pundits proclaim that the greatest threat facing America is climate change, because Al Qaida is on the run, the world is now much safer, and tolerance is at its highest degree yet.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that “Baghdad Bob” was back.  The notion that any of these political claims are true is insane.  The fact of the matter is that terrorists around the world are kidnapping women, killing thousands of civilians at will, building training camps whenever and wherever they please, and threatening the security of every civilized nation.  Those who think that today’s political leaders have the wherewithal or the intestinal fortitude to counter this threat and get the job done have just placed a bet on a losing horse.

The United States of America is a boat without a motor.  Our politicos are nothing more than mediocre mid-level managers who think that the solution to every problem is to draft another bill, or allocate taxpayer dollars to every crisis.  They are not forward thinking.  One politico joked about his own disengagement from critical issues, saying that he found out about an alleged scandal at the same time as the media broke the story to the American people.  We cannot survive by being reactionary to every single crisis or disaster.  It is time that we elect proven leaders who can get the job done and whose moral compasses are true. The American people are tired of being lied to and billed for politicians’ financial management failures.  America does not need to look very far or hold out for the heroes that will save her, because they’re the ones who’ve been doing the heavy lifting all along – her veterans.