A letter to my Representative

Congressman H,

We have witnessed in the past several months, an illegal issuance of amnesty with all of the rights and benefits accorded to citizens, a wholesale takeover of the internet by fiat, attacks on a vital energy industry by EPA thugs, illegal expenditures by Treasury to support obamacare, IRS attacks on political enemies, and deliberate lies to Congress as part of a coverup, a ban on a specific ammunition that is totally arbitrary, an unchallenged rise of evil overseas and a host of corruptions both large and small. Many of these actions are violations of our Constitutional protections, all of which are against the Law. The current resident of the Whitehouse is a lawless dictator who has effectively dismissed Congress as an unneeded encumbrance to his rule. He is deliberately provoking Congress because he is faced with not just weak leadership, but apparently ‘men’ who seem to support his extra-constitutional crimes. This will not stand.

It is time for men of honor to stand and oppose the Tyrant and those that that abet his attack on the foundation of our Nation. It is time for action.

If the Speaker is too weak to stand against the criminal-in-chief, he must be removed and someone who will take the side of Americans installed in his place. The president’s actions are a direct threat to our Constitutional system of governance. You were elected as our Representative, but increasingly you are needed as our defender against a Federal government that is becoming an enemy of the citizen. You have always struck me as a man with principles. Will you rise to the occasion or simply allow the emperor to dissolve Congress and rule by decree? This is not rhetorical question, what specifically do you propose to do to rein in an out of control Executive. We need American leaders right now.


Thank You,