NRA Endorses Perriello

Very disturbing news from the Martinsville Bulletin:

Both incumbent Congressman Tom Perriello and challenger state Sen. Robert Hurt say they are supported by the National Rifle Association, but both also expect Perriello to get the NRA’s endorsement in the 5th District congressional race….

The NRA will make congressional race endorsements Oct. 1 or the following week, according to an association spokesman. She added that the association’s “friendly incumbent rule” means that elected officials who support the NRA and have a good voting record on issues of importance to it will continue to receive its support….

The NRA has contributed $1,000 to Perriello’s re-election campaign, according to Barba and federal election records.

Not too much to add to this other than my mounting disgust with the NRA. Given the fact that they will take hard earned member funds and use it to support a man who does everything in his power to increase the role and reach of our national government into every aspect of our lives, I am feeling gratified that I let my membership lapse. At least <i>my</i> money will not support a candidate that I will crawl over broken glass to vote against on November 2.

The NRA has lost the ability to differentiate between a 2A supporter and a political weasel who uses the 2A to better his electoral chances.

Maybe they will surprise us on October 1, but don’t hold your breath.

As a side note, the reference article mirrors the talking points from Perriello’s radio ad blitz now running on local stations touting his ‘conservative’ record of supporting gun rights, budget cuts and opposing Pelosi.

All departments at MiniTrue are working overtime…