AP out Trolling for Bigots

I just received my first call from a polster. It was for an AP poll in the Commonwealth of Virginia.They asked all of the expected questions as to my demographic background, ideological affiliations, income, right direction/wrong direction etc. But what was very strange to me were the number of ethnic/racial type questions.They asked me if I considered ‘Blacks’ (note – not the PC African-American) in a series of questions to be lazy, violent, unmotivated, untrustworthy and another disparaging term I don’t recall (rated from ‘very’ to ‘not at all’). I don’t think they liked how my answers were not giving them what they were looking for, judging by the pollsters tones.

I was honestly shocked at the line of questioning.

They also asked whether I thought ‘Whites’ had too much influence (just right or too little were the 3 responses I was allowed). That was followed by how I rated the influence (too much, too little , just right) of the elderly, hispanics, blacks, and ‘the rich’. Just a little class warfare to go along with race baiting. All in a day’s work for our pre-emininent ‘news’ service.

At the end they asked if I considered myself White, Hispanic, Black or other.

My take on the whole episode is that aside from trying to ascertain how much Obama was going to win by, they were looking for traces of bigotry to tie to right leaning voters in case the ‘unthinkable’ happens and Obama loses.

Just my opinion.

When asked who I thought would win the (after asking me whom I intended to vote for), I said McCain and you could almost hear the ‘Yeah, right’ tone coming through.

Perhaps I read too much into the pollsters attitude, but the questions themselves told me all I need to know about where the next few years are going regardless of who wins in November.

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