Wow! Could you believe those Standing Ovations for Romney? Oh, wait, er.... I mean Gingrich?

Can we get serious here for a second?

Mitt Romney is the most uninspiring, milquetoast “front runner” for a major Party Nomination I’ve ever witnessed in my adulthood. And that includes Micheal Dukakis. He inspires no one. He creates no “buzz”. He has no bandwagon, beyond the golf-cart of the political professionals, and the governing elites. Everywhere he goes, his main line of defense is, “Yeah, well, he may be a Ken Doll, but, hey… he can beat Obama.”

When was the last time you witnessed a standing ovation for a political candidate– that, according to the polls, at least, isn’t going to win? It is bizarre. You would think the non-stop cheering and standing ovations would be for the front-runner. But, they aren’t. Weird.

Romney speaks, and you can hear the buzzing of the fluorescent lights. His faux laugh is as grating as the harsh “ssss” emanating after the dangling consonants from Barack Obama. Nobody knows what Mitt Romney stands for, or if he can be trusted to govern the way he is projecting.

He is surrounded by calculating political professionals of no particular stripe, other than moneyed elites. They, too, generate nothing in terms of excitement, leadership, or rhetorical substance. Now that Romney is tapping on the 35% poll barrier, were all supposed to fall in line, and shut up. It’s over. And THAT evidently, is what is supposed to inspire us.

Well, I don’t know how to tell the political elites, and the Washington GOP Establishment this, but, their candidate inspires nothing, no one. He plays only to the fears that he is the last possible bulwark against a disastrous second Obama term. While that’s a motivating factor, it isn’t a terribly inspiring one.

Yep, give me a fellow who can get people out of their chairs and on their feet in powerful, excited ovation about traditional, constitutional conservatism. Excitement and enthusiasm, much as the governing elites may poo-pooh it, is part of the essence of Leadership.

And, so far, their “leader” ain’t showing any; Only the guy in second place is…