Ring the Bells! Have a Party! The Unemployment Rate is 8.6%!!

All Right! Whoo-Hoo! It’s Recovery Winter!

According to the Labor Department (yes, that’s right: Obama’s Labor Department!) is shouting from the Mountaintops that we’ve added 140,000 jobs in November.

Cool. I mean, wow…  I’m all tingly.

When numbers like this pop up, we tend to think of a really big stadium, jammed with 140,000 people, each one celebrating their newly-found gainful employment. Except…

There are 50 states in the United States (regardless of President Obama’s assertions to the contrary). So, that means each state created about 2,800 jobs.

Also, there are 3,161 counties in this nation. So, that means about 42 jobs for each county. Old, broken down tourist courts hold more people. But, still… A job’s a job, right?

Except, about 320,000 folks just simply fell out of the workforce in November. So, each county had around 100 folks  just give up, and stay home (or, move back in with the folks, or the ex, or what-have-you). So…

Each country in America had a net loss of around 66 fewer folks even LOOKING for work.

Man, we’re on the way now! Print up the T-Shirts! Get the party hats! Break out the Pat Boone Records!

We’re gonna party like it’s 1934!