Join the Military, and Have a Gay Old Time!

One political party, one world view, and one President have wrought a monumental disaster on the mighty Armed Forces of the United States of America.

I only WISH these same wretches had been as focused on winning wars, providing for our wounded warriors, getting the absolute best materiel and armaments for our soldiers on the battlefield, as they were focused on all their stupid, trifling little social concerns.

What an absolute disgrace.

Let’s take these fools at their word: That there are scores of thousands of homosexuals just simply DYING to serve their country in the Armed Forces, but were hitherto too embarrassed to join. Uh-huh. That explains why the Marine Corps Recruiting float was one of the most popular in last year’s New York "Gay Pride" parade. It’s also why there are so many VFW’s popping up next to the late-night bath-houses in San Fran.

Whatever. The simple fact is that the modern Democrat Party has been working to destroy the combat readiness of the United States Armed Forces since the disgrace of the Lyndon Johnson presidency. As Bill Clinton so accurately observed while protesting and smelling like BO in London in the early 1970’s, "I Loathe the Military". Yep. You and every other pantywaist cowardly liberal that’s been born since Nixon was president.

So what do they do? They can’t outright assault and shut down the military (because they would get creamed in any election featuring normal Americans), they instead attempt to starve it of funds, re-write its Codes of Conduct and Military Justice, and cram down the most ridiculous social policies they can think of to extinguish the military’s ability to fight effectively.

Not only does this achieve the Liberal’s main objective of getting brave, highly-trained, grim-faced, stoic, patriotic American warriors killed or maimed (-maimed to them is better to the uber-Nancy liberal, because it forces these armed troglodytes into the social welfare paradigm), it also adds to Democrats preferred statistics and film-footage that PROVES America would be better off without so darn much tacky military stuff around.

This will add to the already stellar reasons to join Barack’s Army: Go to wars in third-world hell-holes, without any fighting objective! Have your previous Commander in Chief called a liar by the current one! Cut pay! Have soldiers provide for their own needs if they are injured! Go to wars where we’ve already announced our surrender date!

To this list, we can now add: Join the Army, and never be quite sure what the "soldier" in the bunk next to you is thinking when he gets lonely! Or, won’t it be simply swell to see two Navy Officers french-kissing on the club dance floor! It will make those sermons about defilement and abomination you heard before you joined seem rather outdated, which might undercut the very reason you are serving.  And, it will make all those community showers EXTRA specia l!

General George S. Patton is spinning in his grave.