Barack Obama: The Cardboard Standee President.

Can I be candid for a moment?

Barack Obama is the first President in my lifetime to have had the luxury of some twenty-four months in office, and yet have no need to exhibit even the slightest bit of leadership…

On anything .

He’s deferred tough decisions regarding the budget deficit to a "blue-ribbon" commission. He let Nancy Pelosi and her gang of Merry Pranksters write the $900-billion dollar "stimulus" bill. He let his Attorney General, Eric The Holder, write the administrative policy regarding civilian trials for enemy combatants.

He let Harry Reid take the slings and arrows on "Obamacare", even to the point of just letting the House of Rerehensibles vote on THAT version– Obama never DID introduce his own version of "health-care reform". He has Janet Incompetano take the heat for the new search-and-destroy guidlines at airports. He let BP, Haley Barbour, and Bobby Jindahl, et al, run around in a frenzied panic while the Gulf of Mexico (which is supposed to be guarded and patrolled by US forces) became an oil slick. (–On second thought, I guess he did command a rear-guard action of attorneys to sue someone —anyone — for the disaster.)

Obama lets his wife zumba about, attacking fat kids, while he stays home, eats burgers, smokes, and watches basketball on TV. He has his pantywaist generals stand in front of the microphones and defend the repeal of "don’t ask, don’t tell (I’ll give you a call, sailor!)". He let his arch-nemesis George Bush write both his TARP legislation, and, off all things, his tax policy.

The President, as far as I can tell, has presided over nothing , unless you count the ballooning of both the national debt and the unemployment rate, which has skyrocketed from the high 6-percents when he came into office, and has settled in nicely around 10%. In the end, we called it "Obamacare", but it’s quite evident that the past two years ought to just be called "Obamacouldn’tcareless".

In fact, the only time I see the man exhibit any passion at all is when he’s late for a vacation, or a date with Michelle: "Hey, guys, can you hurry up with all this governing stuff? I have a 2:45 tee-time".

We were supposed to be all giddy back in the winter of 2009 when he "gave the command" to allow a marine sharpshooter to pick off a dirty , teen-age Somali pirate– Look at the Leadership! And even here, he left it to his field commanders to devise the follow-on strategy.

Which leads me to a question: What will happen when America really needs a leader, rather than a legislative liaison, or a Fuss-and-Feathers General Oompah-Pah to revue the troops? What will this man, who, as far as I can tell has never had an original thought, do when faced with a crisis?

I have an inkling: Just think Jimmy Carter, and crashed helicopters in the sands of Araby.