Thank God and Grayhound, She's Gone!

Okay–; All morning long, I’ve hear the refrains of Roy Clark tumbling around my brain-pan:

I’ve made a small fortune, and you’ve squandered it all…

You’ve shamed me till I feel about one inch tall.

But I thought I loved you, and I hoped you would change…

So, I gritted my teeth, and didn’t complain

…Thank God and Grayhound, She’s Gone!

Now, I know the professional scolds will look down from their lofty perches and pronounce that America has spoken, and what America said was “now, Go Forth and Work Together”. Hmm. Methinks their “Politicalese-to-English” translation book needs a bit of an update; Only the political class would figure that an historic 65-seat swap in the House of Representatives means “work together”.

All this much-vaunted Congressional “work” seems to be what has clearly stuck in the craw of America. We don’t want Congress to “work”. When congress has “worked” over the last four years, all we received in return was a direct assault on our liberty, theft of our private property, and the murder of our currency. We want Congress to “stop” (or, to coin a phrase, “check”) the train-wreck we now lovingly refer to as “The Obama Administration”. We want them stopped. And we wanted Nancy Pelosi gone.

Thank God and Grayhound, She’s Gone!