Hey, Boehnor, Cantor: If you have to, Shut Up, and Sit in the Back of Obama's Air Force One!

If there was ever a time for guerrilla-war political tactics, they will begin on November Third.

And if there was ever a time for Republicans to pull their heads out of the (sand), it is today, October 12th.

The problem with being so tightly wound around the concentric circles in Washington of political consultants, poll-takers, bundlers and the like, is that they tend to make candidates take their eyes away from the central issue of a campaign, and away from what is actually animating voters to head to the voting booth.

I hate to tell the candidates this, but the lazily generic term “the Economy” is not what is animating voters. Saying this is rather like a cancer patient saying they are upset with the post-nasal drip caused by the chemotherapy. There are specific, knowable things that are causing America and Americans to rise up in a condition that can only be described as “Pre Revolutionary”. It is not “the Economy”.

It is the fact that the Federal Regulatory and Taxing Leviathan have quite obviouly imperiled the economy is what Americans are upset about. Clearly, whatever state we find our economy in, certainly we can all agree now that this isn’t a garden-variety recession. This is something new, something quite beyond the normal ebb and flow of the business cycle, and most Americans now recognize this.

Why aren’t there any new houses being built? Why are there so many “For Rent” signs in the strip malls? Why are there so many seemingly brand-new Convenience Stores and drug stores and home imporvement stores out of business, with weed-choked parking lots? Why are there 41 million Americans on Food Stamps? Why is the government constantly fudging the employment numbers? Why are all the roads torn up with the stupid signs saying what a magnificent thing it is, when it’s the same old road contractors doing the work that we’ve seen for ages? Why are there so many beat-up, rusty used cars on the road? Why do the forclosure sections of the newspapers go on for volumes? Why is a gallon of gas back over $3? Why can I not suddenly insure my kids when I was able to last year, and they are still as healthy as ever? Why have the receivables at my business gone up 40%? Why does the flippin’ government care what kind of lightbulb I want, or how I should sneeze, or how many gallons of water I use when I flush the damned toilet?

This is the stuff that animates people, and it can all be put, more or less, under the rubric of “The Economy”. But, “the Economy” isn’t why people have been organizing at Tea Parties, canvassing their neighbors, queuing up for Republican committee slots. We’ve been doing all this stuff, we conservatives and Republicans, to stunt the growth, the size, the influence and the scope of the Federal Government. And we are deadly, deadly serious.

When we say we want the Health Care Bill repealed, damnit, we want it gone– torn to a million pieces and dumped in a nearby swamp; don’t say you’ll “replace” it with more federal dictates, just because that’s what the consultants tell you to say. REPEAL it! When we say we want to purchase whatever the hell kind of lightbulbs we want, damnit, get rid of the stupid regulations against incandescents. When we say we want the bailouts defunded and overturned, and reparations made to the taxpayers to make them whole, damnit, DO it! When we say we don’t want any more radical Marxists on the Supreme Court, you folks had better be willing to go balls-to-the-walls to prevent it. When we say we want Obama stopped in his tracks, we mean it to a fare-thee-well. STOP him!

Shut Washington down, if you have to. America supports you, believe me, without regard to what the pantywaist consultants tell you. And don’t take advice about this from Newt, either.

Even if it means, Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor, sitting in the back of Obama’s Air Force One and shutting the hell up.