HUGE NEWS! (-at least, according to MoveOn.Org)

An actual piece of electronic lint I found balled up in a corner of my in-box:

Dear MoveOn member,

HUGE news: President Obama just appointed populist hero Elizabeth Warren to establish and lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!!

This is the boldest step Obama’s taken so far to rein in the big Wall Street banks. And it’s a major victory for grassroots progressives who rallied for Warren.

The banks fought to keep her out of this job—and now that she has it, they’ll do whatever they can to keep her from exercising her full authority. That’s why we need to get the word out—to make sure she has the grassroots support she needs to aggressively police Wall Street.

So we made a video of Warren’s greatest hits from her appearances on the “Daily Show” and a list of five cool facts about her. Check them out at the link below and send them to all your friends:

So, this bit of repartee got me hooked. I was dying to know what the “cool” things were that about Mz. Warren. So, I read on, until I got to her number Five Cool Thing:

5. She may have actual superpowers. She once calmed a crowd at an NBA game with her encyclopedic basketball knowledge. She explained the financial meltdown so clearly to Jon Stewart that he said it made him “want to make out with” her. And there’s a viral cowboy rap video about her.

So, this is how the Left reacts to the whirling dervishes in their midst. Let’s “make out” with our Local Faculty Lounge Marxist while she discusses basketball minutiae to a “cowboy rap” song.  Boy, if Obama hadn’t appointed her in his dictatorial, authoritarian way, I would have!

If you are trying to track down a definition of “University Elitist Faculty Lounge Marxist”, just saunter over to your Unabridged Websters, and therein, you will find a picture of this lady, in all of her make-outable glory.

I remain in stunned, mouth-dropping amazement that the Marxist Left in this nation continues to get away with the canard that the Republican Party is somehow the party of the Fat Cat Wall Street Types. The likes of John Edwards and Chelsea Clinton can bring home the bacon by the wheelbarrow-load from the multinational hedge-fund operators, and still prattle on about the po’ folk. These Eurotrash-wannabes  contributed 3-to-1 to Obama over McCain in 2008, and yet, somehow, the Republicans continue to be tarred as the iconographic  caricature of Mr. Moneybags from the Monopoly Game.

But, hey! At least we can all swoon in our pants over our new Czarina for Higher Moral Purpose, Basketball Statistics and Ironfisted Financial Despotism.

PS – Don’t ask how I got on the MoveOn.Org blast e-mail list. You don’t want to know, and it had something to do with David Brooks, and hanging a picture of Monica Lewisnki on my wall.