Hey, Pastor Jones: Quick Change of Plans-- Burn a Bible at the Last Minute!

Symbolism is an amazing thing.

For all anyone on this planet knows, I purchased a copy of the Koran (Q’uran??) yesterday at Borders, took it home, and set fire to it on the hibachi. But, because no one other than God knows whether this is the truth or not, the symbolism is lost, and is thus, worthless.

It is worthwhile to ponder, though, how much symbolism has flowed into Pastor Terry Jones act of social defiance, or ignorance, or fill-in-the-blank-depending-on-your-point-of-view. We think the hyperbole is distasteful; But, I offer the following as a bit of contrast for–, well, contrast.

-Suppose the Koran burning was being held at the Chicago Art Institute as a bit of “Performance Art”? And further, suppose the “Performance” was underwritten by the National Endowment for the Arts?

-Suppose the pastor, instead of burning a Koran, set fire to a flag of Taliban-era Afghanistan? Or Iran?

-Suppose the pastor installed an Art Assemblage where he required people to walk across a flag of Israel to view a graffiti-defiled portrait of Benjamin Netanyahu.

-Suppose the pastor took a plastic replica of Mohammed (if one exists), and submerged it in a flask of his own urine, and took a picture of it, entitled, “Piss Mohammed”.

-And, finally, suppose, at the last moment on the morning of September 11th, Pastor Terry took out a copy of the New Testament, and set fire to IT.

Do we think for one moment that the hue and cry for religious tolerance and freedom from our friends on the Left would be the same, or do you think we’d hear absolutely nothing at all?