"RACIST! RACIST! RACIST!" I'm Holding a Mirror Up to the Leftist Democrats

“The White men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservaton, until, at last, there had sprung into existence a Great Ku Klux Klan, a veritiable empire of the South, to protect the southern country”.

-Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, Democrat.

The vast ocean of bigotry is sailed mostly by Liberal Democrats; Always has been, always will be. One of Wilson’s first acts as President was to fire the African Americans that Republican President William Howard Taft had hired into the federal civil service.

“What more does that little nigger preacher want?”

-Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the United States, Democrat; said in reference to a request from Martin Luther King, during a 1967 open housing march.

LBJ, like his mentor Franklin Roosevelt, was a classic, Democrat racist (–remember who interred Americans of Japanese decent during World War Two?). Vile, hate-filled, bigotry like the loathsome crud quoted above  seeths from the left. In some instances, it is a bold, declarative hate. In others, this venom expresses itself in more subtle ways:

“He is a light-skinned African American… with no Negro Dialect, unless he wants to have one”

-Harry Reid, 24th United States Senate Majority Leader, Democrat; said of President Barack Obama

What, exactly, IS a “Negro Dialect”, Mr. Reid? Can you perform one for us?

One could go on and on, like a reading of the Greats of the Democrat Pantheon: Orville Faubus, the racist segregationist Democrat Governor of Arkansas; Ross Barnett, another Democrat Governor that refused to integrate that states learning institutions, Byron De Le Beckwith, Democrat Lt. Governor candidate who murdered the incredibly brave Medgar Evers. Edwin Walker, George Wallace, Richard Russell (the man for whom the “Richard Russell House Office Building” is named, and the author of the “Southern Manifesto”), Wilbur Mills, Hale Boggs, Sam Ervin (Chairman of the Senate Select Committe on Watergate), and so on and on. Hate-filled, vile racists all.

In pop culture, the attempt has been made to refashion these men as backwoods rednecks, but they weren’t: Most of them were the heart and soul of the leftist, elite Democrat Party, and, in the case of Mills, Ervin, Robert Byrd, and Bull Connor, remained so right up until the early 1980’s. And their elitism would be welcomed today by their party. Which is why the Left’s self-incriminating and hysterical cries of “racism” toward the American Conservative say more about them, than about these conservatives.

The elitist left has always been racist. (This is in contrast to the elitist right, which has had a more condescending and Christian-spiced paternalistic view of class and race). In fact, a convincing argument can be made that racism and bigotry are foundational timbers OF the elitist left. Andrew Jackson was a blistering racist, viewing the Indian Nations of the south, particuarly the Seminoles of Florida to be a sub-human species (-to this day, some Indian Casinos will not accept as payment a Jackson $20 bill). The entire pre-civil war South was peopled and governed by a Gentry Class not unlike today’s hyper-urban elites that viewed vast swaths of those engaged in pursuits of “hand work” to be genetically inferior.

An entire leftist-humanist science was born out of this elitist, anti-God, racial hatred, in an attempt to give a scientific patina to the irrational hatred of people in the lower educational or economic strata. It was called by some “Eugenics”, or Racial Science. Many of the leading elite universities had “racial science” courses, including Princeton, MIT and the University of Berlin (In a sense, it was the “environmental science” of its day). Typically, these humanist, elite “racial scientists” made byzantine studies of the human skull, and of the length of certain bones, sinews, and so forth, to argue the inferiority of blacks, and Jews and Slovaks or other out-of-favor groups. Much of this “science” was also a weird amalgamation of Darwinian natural selection and and atheistic rebellion against a triune God, and would likely still be around in the world of the intellectualoid, if World War Two hadn’t arrived as the ultimate destination of class-and racial bigotry.

The largest expression of this classist bigotry and hatred is manifested in Marxism, which views the beautiful tapestry or kaleidoscope of humanity, in all of its constantly metamorphosing, incredibly rich and varied texture, as an ever-oozing ectoplasm of a few “classes” that must be manipulated and formed. In Marxism, there is no such thing as a sovereign human being, endowed by a creator, only a proletariat (class) to be exploited by the bourgeoisie (class). And this, in its simplest definition, is why the left is so attracted to the likes of Marx, and why, to this day, they feel most comfortable subdividing by class, and race, and educational attainment, and economic success; it is simple, elemental bigotry.

This is, by the way, why the Left verbally vomit such hatred and bigotry toward Sarah Palin in specific, and middle-American Christians, in general. They see them as genetically inferior, and can be easily detected with their superior Class Detectors by the “smell” (again, Harry Reid) of the polyester they wear, the “up-do’s” in their hair, the late-model Pontiacs they drive, and the diplomas on the wall from non-Ivy League schools they’ve attended. Once again, the judgement by the Left is upon the EXTERNALS (like measuring the slope of the forehead), rather on the substance, the God-inspired individuality, of the real, breathing, loving, person.

THIS is the real, seething hate-filled bigotry in America today. And every last scintilla of it comes from the Left. Never be cowed by their zealous screeching about race or class. They, as history (both contemporaneous and past) proves, are the hate-filled bigots.

The only cure? Prayer.

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