A Bit of Pondering about Obama's Vacations...

So far this year, according to my Google Calander, I’ve taken 8 vacation days. I also have the recollection of a day of (inadvertent) absence to take care of some personal stuff relating to my car. And, I also spent two days visiting my parents in Tennessee–, but I combined this trip with some business travel on the way back here to Michigan. That’s a total of, what, eleven days?

President Obama, (according to the news accounts du-jour), on the other hand, has racked up the following:

… he appears to take more holidays than his predecessors, they have usually been very short. His five this year will total just 20 days*

Now, President Obama has been in office for 576 days.

In stark contrast, I (-like a gigantically huge majority of folks in the private sector), have owned and been running my business for 6,344 days (-that is, over 17 years) . Additionally, most at-will hires are lucky to have a 14-day paid vacation after 728 days (or, again, two years).

If this man, Barack Obama, was in my employ (which he would not be because I would have been unable to obtain his college transcripts), he would be ineligible for ANY time off yet, let alone 20 days.

If the folks up at the White House want to have some clue as to why their man is seen as remote, disconnected, elite and unconcerned withe welfare of the vast roiling sea of Americans, they may want to consider this little vignette.

*The emphasis is mine, to point out how such drivel is written these days.