The Party of "No"? How 'bout the Party of "We're Gonna Kick Your Butt"!

In a nod to Rod Serling…

Submitted for your approval: Sometime before the end of Summer, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele calls an Urgent National Convention to officially unveil The Contract With America 2010.

This document would be simple, one that covers the basics should the Republicans retake the House or Senate: Congressmen shall be required to read bills they vote on, Congress will vote to repeal Obamacare (and keep voting to Repeal until either Obama signs it, or there’s a new President), all bills submitted will have a written rejoinder that points to their specific constitutionality, and so on. Maybe ten Articles or Points in all.

The Articles, the Points, in this new Contract would be short and sweet–, easy to animate on the large Jumbo-Trons at the Staples Center, or wherever they can find to hold this Urgent Convention.

And each Point or Article on the new Contract would be introduced by a leading Republican. Imagine a wholly unified Republican Party coming together to introduce this document, in front of six or eight thousand glorious, frenzied Republican stalwarts from around the country, cheering every word:

…New Jersey Governor Christie gives a barnstormer introducing the article about government living within its’ means, Jan Brewer gives a fiery speech about the part of the Contract that addresses sealing the boarder. Bobby Jindahl winds ’em up with a brilliant oration about domestic oil drilling. Paul Ryan brings down the house with a breezy explanation about future fiscal policy. Newt Gingrich gives a funny oration about the parts of the Contract that will change the Rules of the House of Representatives, and Sarah Palin closes with an awe-inspiring defense of smaller government, moral courage, and American greatness.

These are some quick examples; Others will occur to you at whiles…

Now, the broadcast networks would give this about forty-five seconds on the evening news during the Lifestyle segment of the broadcast, and they would smirk oh-so-professorially at the end;  but Fox would give such a gathering a huge audience, and the Internetsters would have a jubilee.

And finally, imagine Michael Steele gaveling the convention open, and Sarah Palin standing in front of the tumultuous thunder of the closing festivities. And what that would say about the Republicans being the party of Creativity, Passion, Spirit, and a Love of this Nation, and our Liberties– and how we were all going to go out after and fight like hell to take the government back from the very brink.

Not to mention what it might do for fundraising…

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