It's High Time to Replace the Verb "Borked" with "Kaganed" !!

So, the Republicans in the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body”, are thinking of doing the unthinkable, and may actually start doing some deliberating. The next thing you know, they may start getting huffy, and stamping their feet! Jeff Sessions had the temerity to suggest that — gasp — they “might consider a filibuster” of the Elana Kagan nomination.

If there has ever been a more manifestly unqualified candidate nominated to the United States Supreme Court, I challange ANYONE to name him or her. If this third-rate mind actually gets confirmed, while the likes of Robert Bork has been forced into the ignominy of a quarter century of scholarly gazing from the sidelines of American jurisprudence, then, in my view, the “Supreme Court” might as well be renamed the “Supreme Oligarch”. Clearly, being a good judge will mean absolutely nothing, and only the most raw, undiluted pedagogic ideologues will be considered. Elana Kagan makes Harrold Carswell and Rager Tanney seem like paragons of civil virtue. She has absolutely no experience beyond the cloisterd world of far-left wacky-demia, where her delusions have been buffed to a high-gloss patina with the polishing-paste of tax-payer dollars. She is a joke. And a very un-funny one at that.

If the Repubicans can’t work up the cajones to filibuster this nominee, then I submit it matters little for whom we vote in November. Darnit, why can’t we work up the righteous indignation on the part of liberty, private property and the Constitution in the same manner that Ted Kennedy worked up the righteous indignation on the part of statism, elitism, and tyranny to annihilate this woman politically? There are only a tiny handful of Americans that get the extraordinary honor to sit on the United States Supreme Court, and this legal pipsqueak is the best we can find?

Good Lord, Republicans, shift it into high gear!